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  1. Thank you @netcarver, it works fine, @cwsoft, thank you but next next monday it is not always 14 days.
  2. Hello, How do I get the next Monday after the next Monday? I have that, that works and then I don't find how to add 7 days to it : $str = datetime('Y-m-d', 'next monday');
  3. Although my php.ini is upload_max_filesize = 1000M and I reloaded php fpm, I can't upload files above 2M. I looked at every post on this topic in the forum but could not solve the problem. My error line is error] 32540#32540: *1592 client intended to send too large body: 22592569 bytes, [...] request: "POST /exploration/page/edit/?id=1114&InputfieldFileAjax=1 Thank you for any help.
  4. Hi, How could it be possible to put the "Add new" link at the top of the page administration? Thank you
  5. Thank you very much Teppo, it worked fine.
  6. Hi, I have strange bug : Minutes in a date field are not fine in my repeater field. If I display 2023-04-03 18:30:00 it shows the minutes as 06 instead of 30. I checked up the date in the database it is fine. I checked up replacing the result in my page by the string, it works. I tried with strftime then I formatted with the date function for hour and minutes I still have 06mn Thank you for any help
  7. Thank you AndZyk, I will remove it and refresh.
  8. Hi, I copied the modules from an other installation. As I want to install the module, I have this message: Cannot declare class ProcessWire\FieldtypeRepeater, because the name is already in use Do you have any hunch about it? Thank you
  9. Hi, I am perplex as I compare the content of a description field of a file ($page->parent()->formulaires_papier) and the option chosen in an other page ($page->categorie_de_formation->title). When I have a real string it is OK but when I compare the two fields they never match although I checked up the string perfectly matches. The choice is only for one option. Here is my code <?php $cat=trim($page->categorie_de_formation->title); foreach ($page->parent()->formulaires_papier as $formulaire){ $description=trim($formulaire->description); if ($cat==$description OR $description=="Réglement intérieur"){ echo "<a href='$formulaire->url'>$formulaire->description</a>"; } } ?> I tried many things but it still bugs... Thank you
  10. @Gideon So and @3fingersWell in fact I create a field in my admin board. So I added this field to the template and so when I create a page with this template, I insert a category to this field using input text. But It would be better to have a selection field populated by all the children of category. That is why I want to populate this field. Thank you
  11. Hi, I need to populate a multi selection field with all the children of a template. How would you proceed? Thank you
  12. Hi, I have problem with image extensions in my pages. I added extensions allowed in the config file. Thank you for any help
  13. Hi MoritzLost, That is just for the interface (menus, formulas...) the body field contains each post in any language. I have a default language and an URL segment to get the chosen language. The translators complete the files once only per language.
  14. Hello MoritzLost, Thank you for your answer. I found an other solution and I'll tell you my system. I got rid of TwigExtension and replace its function inside twig by using fuction in my php files. In my system, I find useful and simple. I have translations files : fr.php, de.php... Inside them I have the translations strings with constants. I call them in my init file after getting the language from the url, the transform the constant into variables for commodity. At last each varialbe is in the twig files. I have 8 languages and so translators just write in the file, I feel it simple. Ask me if you're interested and want precisions. Have a nice sunday.
  15. Hello Till now I hacked something with the twig template but it works no more with new PW versions so I look forward to create a module. I am working on a site in multiple languages : French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian. The new posts are entered in any language with a field for language. Till now, I got twig files to get the translations with constants defined for each part of the pages. So I'd like to create a module to include theses files added according to the url /fr/en/... Have you some observations to do before I begin about the direction to take ? Thank you
  16. Thank you Kongondo, this a bug from me, I am testing my site on another server, removing my templates engine extensions that cause problems when upgrading. This is definitely not a PW bug. I found my file template had a remnants of the twig template engine.
  17. Hi Kongondo, Yes sure 3.0.156 version and I have not any save button. The file was the template file permission. Thank you
  18. I can't explain it as I just transfered everything on an other server for a test. I used an other way through the database directly.
  19. Sorry I can't find any submit button to save my configuration on a template in the admin interface. The file is fine.
  20. Hi, I change my server with the same debian version, moving my site to it. I have now a Undefined variable: view in the site. Thank you. You could save me some time. RESOLVED
  21. Hi Regesh, Do you have the latest version of ProcessWire ? Did you try to install a previous version ?
  22. Thank you Tarkvsg, I will try. Eventually I reinstalled my PW.
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