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Github: https://github.com/theGC/WireMailSendGrid

What it does:

Extend WireMail to bypass PHP mail and send mail via SendGrids Web API.

What you need:

A SendGrid account, use this to generate an API Key with Full Mail Send permissions.

Once installed, the API Key is popped into the modules config and you should be good to go.

Use Cases:

It simplifies the process of sending email from servers by removing the need to configure sendmail or other email routing applications on the server. Instead it relies solely on PHP and offloads the sending to SendGrid which can be heavily configured via its UI to ensure better delivery rates for your domain.


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Hey @guy, thanks for sharing this!

Unless I've missed something important, note that your module doesn't actually have to hook into WireMail::___send() – it's a WireMail module, so it should implement its own ___send() method instead. This is how WireMail modules are designed to work, and it also guarantees proper interoperability in the case that other WireMail modules are installed 🙂

See WireMailMailgun for a reference.

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@teppo thanks pal

Yeah I noticed as soon as this was uploaded. Just tweaking it now but as you say no need for the hook as allows it to play better with other WireMail modules.

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