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I just added a new Uikit3 / Minimal Profile for ProcessWire 3x

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This is a profile based on the Uikit3 framework and features from the regular site profile.
Requires the latest version processwire 3.0.127

Download from this link:

Live Example: https://proc-profiles.tk/uk3-min/

Basic Info:

  1. Most of the profile settings and translates are in the _init.php file.
  2. Functions can be found in the _func.php, _uikit.php file.
  3. The entire view is rendered in the _main.php file that uses markup regions.
  4. You can easily add hooks using the ready.php file.
  5. Options page added with the new “Unique” status, which you can use in this simple way like:
  6. The Author's website's blog entries use URL segments (/ authors / {author-name} /), see views/blog/blog.php for more info.
  7. This profile has additional functions (_uikit.php) from the regular uikit3 profile, which is located in the basic ProcessWire installer ( there are minor changes, such as adding translations from _init.php )



















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Apparently, my anti-virus software thinks your demo site is spam.



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On 7/19/2019 at 11:10 AM, rafaoski said:

Thanks for info @dragan ... This is just the test domain that I got along with the hosting ... Apparently something is wrong with her ... I've added a profile to a different domain  https://proc-profiles.tk/uk3-min/  ... Now it should be better 🙂


That leads to a 404 😞


Anyone else try this neat profile?

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