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  1. Hello, thanks for the information, I see it very complete. With the help of @MilenKo i can moved forward a bit, I will also review what you share and I will tell you how it goes later.
  2. Hello, thanks for sharing, for everyone who came here like me and the proposal did not work for some reason, I invite you to read the instructions here: It is also important that they use the following web.config file (which contains minor corrections to the code initially shared by @nikola). I hope it helps you with something like me. Regards!
  3. Thank you very much for sharing, I have been trying to implement the option of "replying" in the comments for several weeks, I am quite close with the help provided by a user from this community. Do you know if this option is available for this uiKIT profile?
  4. Hello everyone. I apologize if this is not the way to use the site. I need some guidance to do what MilenKo user has with the comments. I would like to get in touch to clarify certain doubts. Thank you!
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