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I'd much rather be in a swimming pool with these temperatures outside, alas.... work 😐

Has anyone ever built Gantt charts with PW?

The idea is to visualize somehow who is responsible for which task, when working in a team (e.g. we as agency, client, and a sub-contractor).

You have some sort of timeline (week-numbers), and can see who is supposed to work on which tasks from date A to date B. There can be time-overlaps, of course.

Is a Gantt chart the established way to go for such things? Or are there other types of charts / graphics that I'm not aware of?

So far I came across these JS libraries:




If somebody has experience with such tools, I'd happy to hear your opinions. If you've done something like this with data coming from PW, how did you do it? (not asking for a full-fledged tutorial or even code-snippets, just some pointers). I guess you'd setup something like Pro Table, with text and datepicker fields, then create XML/JSON/JS vars from that.


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We use Forecast for these kind of planning. You might get some inspiration from there. It could be possible with PW, but I wouldn't reinvent the wheel when there are other tools. 

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I have used a lot of project management tools over the years, and I will say, I do like Monday. I built something (utilizing pw) based off the idea just as a test to my abilities. Unfortunately, I had something go wrong with the db so I had to get a fresh copy up and running.

I made a page reference field (projects) for the user template and on the front end you could assign the user to the project (ajax call then selected the appropriate page in the user template). From there, the project page showed all tasks added to it with dates. Ill see if I can resurrect the app and take some screenshots.


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    • By cstevensjr
      SomeDay Tool

      I'm working on a series of restricted collaborative websites that are geared towards me working with my clients.  It's a mashup of CRM, Project/Task Management, Tracking, Documentation and Configuration Control features.  Everything is controlled by PW Roles.  It's a tool that allows me to have a great deal of transparency with those I work with.  The objective is to easily know the who, what, when, where and how of whatever is being worked on.  I call it a Collaborative Resource Management System (CRMS) which has the nickname of SomeDay.

      I currently have one of these websites for each of my important clients and an additional one to keep track of my internal work. They all use the inherent native power of PW to produce specialized status reports. The websites intentionally incorporates the front-end and back-end of the PW platform.

      There is a lot of information stored within this type of website, what I like to call an Information Portal. You are able to easily query a status and get a good view of what's going on. 
      This is a long-term ongoing project and I will update this post as more features/capabilities are added.
      Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of the CRMS Tool:
      Figure 1-3 (The SomeDay Tool for one of my clients)

      Figure 1 (Login courtesy of Adrian's Protected Mode Module)

      Figure 2, Homepage is a summary of all information

      Figure 3, Each item can be clicked on to get to detailed information
      Figures 4-7 (My internal SomeDay Tool website)

      Figure 4, (Login)

      Figure 5, Homepage Summary for my internal work

      Figure 6 , Homepage Summary

      Figure 7, FlagPages showing Bookmarks
      Figures 8-11 (Looking at a Task)

      Figure 8, Front-end view

      Figure 9, Back-end view (editing)

      Figure 10, Place for adding Priority or Statuses

      Figure 11, Private Tab only available to selected PW Roles
      Figures 12 and 13 (Site Structure)

      Figure 12, CRMS structural flow

      Figure 13, Tasks and Sub-Tasks can be added to Projects
      Figures 14-16 (Customized Reports)

      Figure 14, Review all items based on what type of work it is

      Figure 15, Review items based on their status

      Figure 16, Listing of all items with a status category of Active
      That's it for now.
    • By Vineet Sawant
      Hello folks,
      I think this would be a right place to discuss this topic that's very important but often neglected by developers like me.
      After spending some good time on PW's forum, I've seen some very talented developers here and I've always wondered, how these guys manage their projects and get paid on time.
      For example, Ryan has built this PW world alone, we're just few people who moved in this world and started loving it. When I try to think I wonder, how would have Ryan managed this project of developing ProcessWire?
      For me, I think I'm a terrible project manager, so I'd love to learn from your experience.
      P.S: I must make it very clear that I'm not trying to know how much any of developers here are earning every month. I just wish to know how you manage your projects & your clients. That's all.
      Like pwired said, it's a way of learning, I hope you all can understand as I'm just a fresher in the field.
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