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Images field - upload already uploaded images

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Hello everyone!

I'm Marco, It's my first website with Processwire  and I like it a lot!! There is just a few things that i can not understand well. I try to looking in the forum but not have find an answer, so I write here my first question! 

When I create a new images field I can upload images only from outside website, I mean, I can not reuse the images I've already uploaded.  

Example if I have to load icons inside a repeater field I have to upload the images every time, and the system will create a folder for every images, with different url. 

There is an away for let me reuse the images I've already uploaded ?  something similar at an option to choose from a madia library like for the CKEditor ?

Thank a lot!



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Hi @MarcoPLY, welcome to the forums.

Imagefields are tied to a page, therefor the images you upload through this page are stored under /site/assets/files/<ID-OF-THE-PAGE>/.

You are using repeaters, maybe as one of multiple options to reuse fields on a single page. Repeaters are also pages (behind the scene), therefor the images you upload to a repeater item are stored under /site/assets/files/<ID-OF-THE-REPEATER-PAGE>/.

For all images you want to use in multiple places, one recommended way is to create a hidden page with an imagefield. Some people don't create an extra page but uses their homepage for that. Both do store all the stuff that is needed on multiple places, also text like contact data, files and not only images. But let us focus on the images now: If you need them into different pages with ckeditor fields, you need to click on the images button. In the opened dialog you can read " If you would like to select images from another page, select the page below.". Below is the name of the current page and a button or link called "change". Clicking on it opens a page tree to let you choose another page. (The homepage is the first one, what may be the reason some people store their reusable stuff there). With clicking on the pagenames you can traverse through the tree to every single page that exists in your system. Clicking "select" on the page of your desire displays all its images as thumbnails.


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First thank you to all for the help!! Great know there are many user active!

3 hours ago, horst said:

For all images you want to use in multiple places, one recommended way is to create a hidden page with an imagefield. 

@horst OK I think the this solution cloud work, so I have to make one hidden page like principal category and every page for each image to call it from the back-end page where I want show up the images, exact?  


Thank you @Robin S and @theo   Media Library + fieldtype-assisted-url look interesting, I can use this and replace it with image fields, but if I do I will lost all the api image? this could be nice also because i can use it with external folder like make my image folder. no?

@szabesz thank you I'll go see the page.


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I think to have fund a good way for the moment. 

Together with the two modules proposed by @theo and @Robin S I have used other one Site-wide File Manager.

This model give you the possibility to have a recap about your upload file and see your are store, and also you can delete there directly form this model. 

Of cures, it's not like the filedtype where @theo working now here! this will be so great. 

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