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  1. MarcoPLY

    I have not been able to understand why in the language change some images return null value while others do not. So, I inserted the images in this way: $ima_small = $page->getInputField('image_card')->getImage(); $ima_big = $page->image_card; if ($ima_small!=null) { $ima_small = $ima_small->width(400); // echo '<img class="ima_normal" src="' . $ima_small->url . '">'; } else { echo '<img class="ima_normal" src="' . $ima_big . '">'; } Surely it is not the most elegant solution! but maybe this can be used to some one.
  2. MarcoPLY

    Here it's possible find the Italian version: (If need I can add the zip file here.) I have also translated some moduels like the languagesupport module. I miss only two modules to translate, if not need now I'll do them in September. They are the comment module and AdminThemeUiKit. I think to have translate all files, but If I miss something let me know. Cheers!
  3. MarcoPLY

    Thank you @theo, I'm sorry but I don't know how to make the var_dump or debugger in module. so, I will study how do it and I will try to make the check. yes, I have upload the module to the last version. Thank you again.
  4. MarcoPLY

    Yes it's is true, but only in one language, me to I don't know why in the default language work well. Thank you @theo for the advice and for the help. Unfortunately I don't think I can do what you say. I tried but I'm sure it's not this that I have to do. $image_big = $post->getInputField('image_card')->getImage(); // this one is form ImagenPicker $image_small = $image_big->width(600); var_dump($image_small); object(ProcessWire\Pageimage)#609 (2) { ["changes"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(8) "basename" } ["data"]=> array(6) { ["basename"]=> string(31) "karya_220x118x74_cara.600x0.jpg" ["description"]=> string(0) "" ["tags"]=> string(0) "" ["formatted"]=> bool(false) ["modified"]=> int(1523373826) ["created"]=> int(1523373826) } } If I do this in the second language give me: Call to a member function width() on null. I'm not sure this is the var_dump that I have to do.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with resize images in a multi languages website. If I use the size() or width() the image give me back a null result. This one is an example of my code: $image_big = $post->getInputField('image_card')->getImage(); // this one is form ImagenPicker $image_small = $image_big->width(600); echo '<img src="' . $image_small->url . '" alt="business furnitur playwood">'; The ImagenPicker module work well, I don't think the problem is about this. This code in the first language work well and the image are resized. But when I change language give me this error: Error Call to a member function width() on null Some one the help me to understand why this happen? Thank you.
  6. MarcoPLY

    ( Sorry again @kongondo, you're right I'll be more careful in the future ) So, Some time, I do not understand why, the modulo deletes some images. I notice when a user enters these pages and in the backend appears the 404 error, I go to check inside the media library page and in fact the images inside the media manager are gone. Someone knows why and what can I do?
  7. MarcoPLY

    Hi, Some time, without a reason, the modulo deletes the images. Do you know why? I notice when a user enters these pages and in the backend appears the 404 error, I go to see and in fact the images inside the media manager are gone. Someone knows why and what can I do? -- Sorry @kongondo!!!! I'm really sorry I got confused with Media Library module!!!
  8. MarcoPLY

    Hi @horst, probably in July I will have time for do it. It's ok if I just export with the download zip button the file?
  9. MarcoPLY

    ok! thank you for explanation @ryan. I have already changed the code with yours, only using page, since I do not need to have input at the moment.
  10. MarcoPLY

    thank you @ryan! Yes you understood well it's about LoginRegister module. I will keep your solution like plan B if the robots.txt file for some reason it don't will work! About the rel canonical I just added it too. But I had added it this way: <link rel="canonical" href="<?php echo 'https://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$page->url; ?>" /> I don't know if the correct way. I tried your <?=$input->httpUrl()?> and give me back the same url.
  11. MarcoPLY

    If I use if ($img!=null) and echo the image not print nothing in the html output. If I use if ($img == null) in the html I can see the tag img but empty. This what mean that give me beck an image object, but why do this ? I don't know if you can help me, but where I can check ?
  12. I try to install the PaymentInvoice after has deleted. When I upload the file via ftp or backend show up an server error 500 and all website is out, when I delete and go in error log I see this error: Error: Class 'PaymentModule' not found line 3 The line 3 is: class PaymentInvoice extends PaymentModule All look correct, why I have this error ? I have the last version of Padloper. On localhost when I install the module also give me the error but if I delete the namespace ProcessWire; everything work well. In the live version this trick doesn't work Some one can give me some advice?
  13. MarcoPLY

    Thank you @entschleunigung. Interesting reading I also find this link which has the ways of use with examples. In my case it seems that the correct syntax is: Disallow: /*?forgot=1 Disallow: /*?register=1 or Disallow: /*?forgot=* Disallow: /*?register=* I don't think there are a lot of different with Disallow: *?forgot=1 I see use this in other website. anyway will see if this will work. I hope I do not see all those errors in the Search Console.
  14. MarcoPLY

    Thank you very much @theo. I tried it just now. So, I tried to use in different pages. In one page works. But In other no. I tried to understand way but I couldn't find a solution. In the fist language it always works. I the other language in the page doesn't work give me a Call to a member function width() on null if I delate the width give me back a src="unknow". I know you are busy so, I will try again to debug in the next days.
  15. Hi guys, I notice in the Google Search Console a lot of error about a specific link, eg: site/page it's ok but site/page/?register=1 or site/page/?forgot=1 give me a lot of problem about targeting, metadata duplicate and title duplicate. I already add a rel='nofollow' in the specific link, but it's not enough. This work just for the directly link. Inside the robots.txt I add Disallow: *?forgot=1 and Disallow: *?register=1 but I'm not sure if this works. Before I tried to write Disallow: /?forgot=1 but this did not work. Some one know how to stop to index the URLs that I end up in this way ? Thank you!