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  1. Thank you @dragan the waring it's disappeared. But the issue still present. I know it's strage what happen. Do you know why could a link not work in mobile and push me out form the backend?
  2. Hi, First this it's a bit strage: There are few links that not works, but only in mobile and only in English language. In desktop works well in all language. Other things strage it's this: When I try to go in these pages on the finish of the link it's add .../#undefined and the content it's not visible, but I can see still present on the inspector web. If, on the inspector web, I came back from mobile to desktop the page return visible and in the url it's write .../#null And (very strange) when I go to these pages (on the inspector web set to mobile) I'm push out from the backend. The only waring that I see it's this one. But I think it's not like the problem. Warning: your server locale is undefined and may cause issues. Please translate the “C” locale setting for each language to the proper locale in /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupport.module (shortcuts provided below): Some on know what happens? Thank you.
  3. ok, but I have move outside pw the engine.php, now is in the same folder of site and wire folders. If I use the normal $email = urldecode($_POST['email']); I can take data to send the e-mail. so, I need anyway to make a template inside the site/template and create a template e page in the backend? I found the problem and not was about pw. I don't need use parse_str because the date are already in array. So $POST = $_POST; it's enough.
  4. Sorry @Zeka there is the possibility the pw block or do something else to the data ? if I try to use parse_str to decode them not works? I mean I have this ajax: var data = $("#FormWksp").serialize(); //chiamata ajax $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "form-wksp-engine.php", data: data, dataType: "html", success: function() { alert("success" + data ); }, error: function() { alert("no success " + data); } }); And then I try to take it in this way in the engine.php file $email = urldecode($_POST['email']); // this works $phone = urldecode($_POST['phone']); // this works $company = urldecode($_POST['company']); // this works $nation = urldecode($_POST['nation']); // this works $messaggio = urldecode($_POST['messaggio']); // this works $_POST_data = urldecode($_POST["data"]); // this no works $articles = []; parse_str($_POST_data, $articles); $nome = $articles['nome']; // this no works I will use the $articles for make a foreach($articles as $name => $value). But suppose the $_POST_data = urldecode($_POST["data"]) or $_POST_data = $_POST["data"] get the data, but is not so. Could be the pw in some way do something? Because now I move outside the root the engine.php for test it, and works, but this data not pass.
  5. There is a big world around PW! every time discover something new it leaves me speechless! But yes, don't have possibility to directly access php files in the "templates" directory and other locations in PW's file system it's really a great things! Good to know, I was going crazy o.o Thank you (again) @Zeka fro your support!
  6. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is a pw issue, anyway I would like to check. I have ajax call for a contact form that give me back every time an 404 error. I tried differente solution but doesn't work. I tried: <?php echo $config->urls->templates?> <?= $pages->get('/')->url ?> In both cases the url isn't wrong, but in console keep show me the 404 error. This is my ajax code var datiform = $("#Form").serialize(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>form/engine.php", data: datiform, crossDomain: true, dataType: "html", success: function(){ alert("success" + datiform); }, error: function(){ alert("no success " + datiform); } }); I can't understand why <?php echo $config->urls->templates?> not works, if it works well example for the pictures.
  7. Hi, some time the website give me this error : Warning: touch(): Utime failed: Operation not permitted in /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Web/site/wire/core/FileCompiler.php on line 391 When I refresh the page the error disappears, but random some time shop up. Some one kwon about what is it? I work with the 3.0.96 version. Thank you.
  8. Very nice! Me too I like your payment way. I didn't know it maybe I will you too. How you have setup the product page for ask the double variation of product? I mean you ask for the 1° variation the Size on the T-short and the 2° if men or woman. How did you do it? The only things that I not like a lot is that: if i'm on one category page, like Tate Bag, and change language the page start again from the homepage. and I have to click twice for change language. In the single product page this not happen. Also in the cart happen something to similar to change language. Anyway I like it! good job!
  9. Yes @theo now work well. Thank you so much
  10. Hi @abmcr, if you are not super admin when you click on the button to pick the image it opens a windows with Media Files page like you are in the page, so you ca not choose the file to add but you can edit it.
  11. Hi Guys, I have a little problem, this module it's possible use only with the Super Admin User, is it possible set it also for other user? Thank you Btw I use a lot this modulo In combination with the Media Library! it's very great!
  12. Thank you @Soma for the good tips. ok so, now if I use this: "media" => $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$page->image_card now when I inspector the pop box in the src tag I can see the correct link on the image. I think when I will go online I will see the image.
  13. Hi, @Macrura, thank you. Yes this was te first things that i did, I setup well the meta tag, indeed when share the link on social I can see all information uploaded correctly. The problem is only using the modulo. Hi @Soma, thank you for reapply me. I link this method, but when I try to use the options array show up an alert message that says: Error: Call to a member function httpUrl() I try to use a different array like call just: "media" => $page->my_field but anyway give ma beck a Error: Call to a member function render()
  14. Hi everyone! How I can set correctly the media={media} ? Because at moment no social uploads any image, ex: on Pinterest the html output miss the SRC attribute. to try to set the media I try to use my image filed but doesn't work. I try in the module and also in the backend. But the page load a src={my_filed}. Any Idea? What I can do? Thank you
  15. Hi, is there the possibility to have on click to the mark a box with some information? Now when I click on the mark I get redirected to a page in the backend. At moment I render the maps in this way: <?php $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); $places = $page->Dealer_Finder; echo $map->render($places, 'map_rp'); ?> I use this because I have a Maps field inside a Repeater Field and I need all mark in one map. All the information I render after the maps in a loop, I will like show an a part of this info in a box that appears on click to the mark. How I can do this?