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I am trying to style the comments form (and comments list) to match the rest of the site. I know that it's possible to edit the CSS file for the comments module, but I would rather add my existing classes to the fields, instead of making another css file containing the same CSS styling.

I use the following to render the form: $page->comments->renderForm();

Is there an easy way to add the CSS classed to the fields?



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Take a look at this post ( You can copy the comment files from wire/modules into the module folder of your site folder (site/modules) and there you can change your CSS classes and the markup too.

I think this is the best approach to adapt the comments output to your needs. You dont need to hack anything and it will not be overwritten during updates.


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Yes, I thought about doing that, but I was hoping there was a shortcut to this. A risk (even if it's a minimal one) is that future core updates could break the module.

I was hoping there would be a way to change classes without modifying the module. But if this isn't possible I'll go with the copied & modified module.


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Another approach would be to add the CSS classes with Jquery onload, but you are also not aware of changes in the future. I use the first method for years now and I had no problems. I dont think that there will be major changes taken in the future.  

At the moment you could only change some attributes of the form tag, but not for the inputs.:(

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I managed to build the whole site without using Jquery, for speed optimization, so unfortunately the Jquery option is no alternative.

I will go for the copy solution. Thank you for your help!

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