[SOLVED] close events with startdate and enddate

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Hey guys,

i have some sort of events/campaigns which have a lifespan. To deactivate them i made a checkbox-field called closed and i have to deactivate them manually.
I would like to put two fields in the template, startdate and enddate, which activate/deactivate that checkbox field automatically.

Dou you have any idea how to bring that on the run?

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Install LazyCron (core module) and add a hook for a certain time period, say LazyCron::everyHour. Something like this should work:

wire()->addHookAfter('LazyCron::everyHour', function (HookEvent $e) {
    $closables = $e->pages->find('closed=0, enddate>now');
    foreach ($closables as $p) $p->setAndSave('closed', 1);
    $openables = $e->pages->find('closed=1, startdate>now, enddate<now');
    foreach ($openables as $p) $p->setAndSave('closed', 0);


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hey @abdus

that's a great hint!

I installed LazyCron and made the /site/ready.php

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

  wire()->addHookAfter('LazyCron::every30Seconds', function (HookEvent $e) {
      $test = $e->pages->get('id=1');

.. for testing and nothing happens. In tracy debugger ($test->setAndSave('meta_desc','123');) it works fine..

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LazyCron hooks fire after PW finishes serving the request, so logging inside the hook will not work. Try setting random values to see if changes anything.

wire()->addHookAfter('LazyCron::every30Seconds', function (HookEvent $e) {
    $test = $e->pages->get(1);
        'footerhide' => mt_rand(0, 1),
        'meta_desc' => '123' . time()

If that doesnt work, try deleting site/assets/cache/LazyCron.cache

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Ok, the Lazy.Cron.cache was guilty ;)

it's working fine now, thank you @abdus!

you just have to put: enddate<now for the closables ---  startdate<now, enddate>now for the openables

wire()->addHookAfter('LazyCron::every30Minutes', function (HookEvent $e) {

  $closables = $e->pages->find("closed=0, enddate<now");
  foreach ($closables as $p) $p->setAndSave('closed', 1);

  $openables = $e->pages->find("closed=1, startdate<now, enddate>now");
  foreach ($openables as $p) $p->setAndSave('closed', 0);



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4 minutes ago, maxf5 said:

enddate<now for the closables ---  startdate<now, enddate>now for the openables

Yeah, it often takes me multiple tries to get date arithmetics right.

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know that feeling ;)

Maybe it isn't bad to add or modify:

  $openables = $e->pages->find("closed=1, enddate>now");
  foreach ($openables as $p) $p->setAndSave('closed', 0);

.. when the moderator don't fill in any startdate

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