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Confused about server locales

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I have just published my first PW multi-lingual site.

I'm not understanding the following message and the server locale function

 Warning: your server locale is undefined and may cause issues. Please translate the “C” locale setting for each language to the proper locale in /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupport.module (shortcuts provided below):
• English
• Français
• Deutsch
• Español
• Italiano
For example, the locale setting for US English might be: en_US.UTF-8

Is it just a case to populate each languages "C" field with an appropriate string? IE

English C field: en.UTF-8
Francais C fieldn: fr_FR.UTF-8

Deutsh C field: en.UTF-8
Espanol C field: es_ES.UTF-8
Italiano C field: it_IT.UTF-8

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Lots of info and links about how to handle this - there is more than one approach, so worth reading so you get a better understanding of what is going on:


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To get the correct locales for YOUR server (each server might use different ones) just use the below code.

<pre><?php passthru("locale -a"); ?></pre>

It will show you a list with all locales installed on your server.

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Thanks guys. I understand the context now and have fixed the issue.

Interestingly a list of UNIX server locales I found online were different than the ones installed on my VPS so that was something to be aware of. 

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