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    • By rst
      I am having problems uploading svg images in the the latest pw 3.0.98. It shows the preview and has the spinner on top of it, and just gets stuck on that.
      Worked fine in the previous version of PW
    • By Noel Boss
      Hi, I'm stuck since hours and don't know what to do. Here is my Problem:
      I try to generate Previews of PDF using imagick. I have 4 PDF, I generate a preview of the first page of the pdf, save it to a temporary file and want to import it using the api into an image field. It works for the later 3 pdf but not the first. I add it to the image field and save it. Inside the function that saves it, the image is stored in 'data' as well as in 'itemsAdded' but as soon as i leave the function, its nowhere to be found.
      1. create previewimage using imagick and create Pageimage > works
      2. add image to filed 'filepreviews', returns Pageimages array with image added > okay
      3. save page > returns true
      4. Outside renderPreview method, image is not anymore in 'filepreviews'
      // mymodule // … // foreach($files as $file){ $preview = wire('page')->filepreviews->get('name*='.$file->basename(false)); // if there is no preview image… if (!$preview instanceof Pageimage) { $this->renderPreview($file) // we create one using $this->renderPreview > should return true on successful save dump(wire('page')->filepreviews); // my Image is nowhere to be found $preview = wire('page')->filepreviews->get('name*='.$file->basename(false)); } // end for each // render a preview of an otherwhise not supported file format // return true if sucessfull save private function renderPreview($file) { $page = wire('page'); // get path to temporary image $tempFile = $path.$file->basename(false).'-preview.jpg'; // … some imagick code // … and save it: $imagick->writeImage($tempFile); $img = new Pageimage($page->filepreviews, $tempFile); $img->description = $file->basename(false); // destroy temp image unlink($tempFile); // this is my Pageimage, all good… dump($img); // save image, my Pageimage can be found in data and itemsAdded – all good dump($page->filepreviews->add($img)); $page->of(false); $success = $page->save(); // sucess = true dump($success); return $success; }
      Second question:
      Would there a generally better approach? Like using pageFiles somehow. Goal is to be able to use the image api like scale etc – I don't generally need the images to be stored in an image field.
    • By Jarden Black
      Hi everyone,
      [edit: do not loose your time reading this post, I solved it by disabling cache in the Pages2Pdf module... sorry 😓]
      I do not know if I should post on the Pages2Pdf thread or here. Mods, feel free to move the post.
      Since three days I am scratching my head  to understand a weird thing happening with $session and $config->debug used in conjunction with Pages2Pdf module. For information, I tested it on a fresh install of ProcessWire 3.0.96 with PHP-7.0.28 and Pages2Pdf-1.1.7 (domain: http://session.sites.sek/). I will try to explain what is going on.
      What I am trying to achieve :
      In a template, I need to set some sessions variables which are then echo'd in the PDF document.
      (on the test installation, the basic-page template (page /about/?pages2pdf) serve the PDF, the home and sitemap template set the session variable.)
      The problem :
      From the template sitemap, I set a variable: $session->setFor('pdf', 'myvar', 'Session set from Sitemap template');
      From the template home, I set a variable: $session->setFor('pdf', 'myvar', 'Session set from Home template');
      Then in the PDF default template, I echo the session variable: <p>Session: <?= $session->getFor('pdf', 'myvar'); ?></p>
      Now I turn ON debug mode ($config->debug = true) :
      Then I navigate to  "http://session.sites.sek/home/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Home template". Then I navigate to  "http://session.sites.sek/sitemap/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Sitemap template". Now I want my PDF document, so I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/about/?pages2pdf=1" and I get my PDF document with the right session var : "Session set from Sitemap template" For the moment, nothing special happen. Everything work great. We are in debug mode.
      Now I turn OFF debug mode ($config->debug = false) :
      Then I navigate to  "http://session.sites.sek/home/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Home template". Then I navigate to  "http://session.sites.sek/sitemap/" and the session variable "myvar" is set to "Session set from Sitemap template". Then I navigate back to "http://session.sites.sek/home/" and the session variable "myvar" is set back to "Session set from Home template". Now I want my PDF document - as expected, the "myvar" should be set to "Session set from Home template" - so I navigate to "http://session.sites.sek/about/?pages2pdf=1" and here the problem happen. Instead of echoing  "Session set from Home template" in the PDF document, the phrase "Session set from sitemap" is echo'd (the last value recorded before switching from debug ON).  
      I made two small screencasts to show the issue :
      DEBUG ON (Everything is OK)
      I am missing something ? EDIT: YES, you are dumb!
    • By Marc
      I want to use the API to duplicate an image from one field to another (on the same page). The duplicated image should be a new file so both fields should not point to the same physical file. The field that holds the image that I want to duplicate is called 'image_front' and the duplicated image should go to a field called 'image_thumb'. Any image that is already attached to image_thumb should be removed because it should hold only one file. The same goes for image_front, it should have only one image. Here's what I have so far:
      $original = $page->image_front; $file = $original->getFile($original); $new = $original->clone($file); $page->save(); $page->image_thumb = $new; $page->save('image_thumb'); This works in the sense that the image is successfully cloned but it is attached to both fields so both fields end up have their original image plus the cloned image. 'Image_thumb' should only have the cloned image and 'image_front' should only have the original image. What would be the best way to remove those images and am I even approaching this correctly?
    • By MilenKo
      Hello guys. I feel a bit ashamed of this fact but I just needed to add an image with some text wrapped around it using CKEditor and I simply can't achieve that. I have an image field attached to the template (called images) and it is showing promptly the uploaded images. I am able to manipulate the image and I set its alignment to left side. Then I add some text and I can see in CKEditor that the text is properly surrounding the image. However, once I save the page and view it, it shows the text under the image or only a line is staying asside the image and the rest is under the image again. As far as the field used for the text (body) is set to TextMultiLang and I did not added any text formatters and chose the content type to be HTML/Markup.
      In my CSS I've added some of the PW styles for the alignement as per some posts here but that did not help either. Something I am missing again?