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CodeRunner 2 is on sale at MacUpdate:

Mostly I use it for writing shell scripts, mocking up algorithms in PHP, JavaScript/jQuery. But is also supports other programming languages as well.
"An advanced, highly flexible, and easy-to-use programming editor for your Mac. CodeRunner supports a large number of languages, and delivers big IDE features while remaining lightweight and clutter-free."

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    • By kuba2
      I am learning PHP and made a codeacademy PHP online course. Basic stuff and interesting course for free.
      But there is a do/while exercise I can't get my head around:
      In the following, there is a flipcoin example, which flips, as long the result is head.
      In the do statement there is the if and the else 
      The if condition is $flip and it echoes a H letter for Head. The else echoes a T for Tail.
      $flip is random 0 or 1
      My question:
      How can the if and else statements be H or T if $flip is random? I don't understand the $flip variable, because in my head it can be 0 or 1.....therefor if is not one fixed value, because of the rand(0,1) it can change
      How does the programm to put out a H or a T?
      I hope my question is clear enough
      Thanks for any clarification
      <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='style.css'/> <title>More Coin Flips</title> </head> <body> <p>We will keep flipping a coin as long as the result is heads!</p> <?php $flipCount = 0; do { $flip = rand(0,1); $flipCount ++; if ($flip){ echo "<div class=\"coin\">H</div>"; } else { echo "<div class=\"coin\">T</div>"; } } while ($flip); $verb = "were"; $last = "flips"; if ($flipCount == 1) { $verb = "was"; $last = "flip"; } echo "<p>There {$verb} {$flipCount} {$last}!</p>"; ?> </body> </html>  
    • By rareyush
      hi everyone
      I am trying get a full width sub-menu on 3rd item in menu or navbar which is coming from a loop.
      i was hoping this can be done by using jquery by targeting 3rd element in navbar but jquery is blocked in some browser by default so is there any other method I can do this
    • By pwuser1
      Hi people I think I have seen them all but maybe I missed some of the just wanted to know what do you recommend for an editor with JQuery autocompletion or support? 
    • By pwuser1
      Which should I learn and use for my PHP projects whether using Processwire or another great CMS?
    • By David Koplin
      Hello dear community
      I have a problem with a front edit possibility inside a OWL gallery.
      The thing is, normally you do a double click to edit something directly on a page.
      In my case a single click opens up a picture inside a gallery, so I can't "hit" the editing.

                           <div class="demo-gallery">                             <ul id="lightgallery2" class="list-unstyled row">                                 <li class="img-md-12 mb-12 mb-sm-12 mb-md-12 mb-lg-12 mb-xl-12 col-12 col-md-12 img-fluid full-height" data-responsive="" data-src="<? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_img->url; ?>" data-sub-html="<h4><? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_h4; ?></h4><p><? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_p; ?></p>">                                     <a href="">                                         <img class="img-responsive" src="<? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_img->url; ?>">                                     </a>                                 </li>                                                                  <? foreach($page->children('template=9dk-owl-home') as $item): ?>                                 <li class="img-md-6 mb-3 mb-sm-3 mb-md-3 mb-lg-3 mb-xl-3 col-12 col-md-6 img-fluid" data-responsive="" data-src="<? echo $config->urls->templates ;?><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_img; ?>" data-sub-html="<h4><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_h4; ?></h4><p><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_p; ?></p>">                                     <a href="">                                         <img class="img-responsive" src="<? echo $config->urls->templates ;?><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_img; ?>">                                     </a>                                 </li>                                 <? endforeach; ?>                                                         </ul>                         </div>  
      I tried any variants of options C and D from this page:
      Are there any hints for me, what I can do?
      Any help is highly appreciated!

      Best from Munich in Germany