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Force ckeditor.js to load


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Good day!

  1. I do not know what exactly is happening, just trying to move the topic forward.
  2. Please provide more details. I understood that you got a ckeditor.js failed to load message in your browser console on some non-admin url of your site when trying to open a front-end editing popup. Is that right? Please provide more details/context/screenshots to make it easier to answer.
  3. Seems to be PW unrelated problem. Did you check some ckeditor related answers? I know, it's close to "go google it", but that is how I would start.
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Thanks for the response Ivan Gretsky

It could very well be unrelated to PW.

I don't necessarily get the 'ckeditor.js failed to load' pop-up when I try to use front-end editing. I think I get that every now and then when I click away from a page with any ckeditor; I have the impression ckeditor loads late/slow.

When I try to use front-end editing, by double-clicking on editable text, I sometimes get the toolbar, sometimes not. Usually I have to fiddle about with it a bit, click Cancel and try again, and then the toolbar finally shows up.

I think the front-end editing module inserts this:

<script src="/wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryUI/JqueryUI.js"></script>

But after a bunch of other javascript. Shouldn't jQueryUI come first?

I also see typeof jQuery.ui == 'undefined' just above the jqueryui.js insert. Does that mean it can't find it?

Is there a blunt way to force ckeditor to load, maybe by placing <script>ckeditor.replace('something')</script> in the footer?


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I'm seeing this error and the site doesn't use jQuery at all on the front-end. It does have caching enabled on some templates (the type of caching offered natively by ProcessWire, not ProCache). Do I have to conditionally load ckeditor's jQuery on the front-end when edit-access users log in?

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Hi all, first post here but in case anyone else is experiencing this issue, I'd suggest checking if you are trying to use plain old http: instead of shiny yummy https:

While taking my first test site out for its first spin in the wild I noticed this message, then immediately after visiting this post realized I hadn't yet enforced https on the site.
As soon as I used https instead, the popups disappeared, and as soon as I switched back to http there they were again.

Naturally can't say for sure what anyone else is experiencing, but it surely worked for me.

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Same issue here!

Installation run on xampp.
I think shortly after i updated from 3.0.98 to 3.0.123 it started with these "failed to load ckeditor.js: Page Not Found" alert.

What i recognized than was that the ckeditor.js in fact isn't in the requested directory under wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/ckeditor-4.10.1
How could that be?
What do i have to do?
Am i the only one whis these kind of errormessage?


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