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Effective Modern IRC

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One of the greatest Finnish inventions, IRC, is still evolving. It even has a working group pushing things forward. I thought I would create a topic with curated open source tools to maybe inspire more people to join #processwire @ Freenode network. I have selected the tools on the basis that they seemed to be under active development. Awesome IRC is a nice list, but too detailed for this context and listing many unmaintained projects.


Desktop clients (cross-platform)




Quassel (has the unique feature that one (or multiple) client(s) can attach to and detach from a central core)



Multi-protocol Swiss army knives





Android clients




iOS clients




Web-based clients

These should be quite interesting to the PW crowd as hosting web applications is your bread and butter ;)

Glowing Bear (web frontend for WeeChat)

Kiwi IRC (currently being rewritten)

The Lounge

Quassel webserver


Bouncers (don't lose chat history even though going offline)

Firrre - get a free bouncer for free & open source community networks. See the guidelines: you need a 60-day old registered NickServ account and a Github.com account. See the Freenode guide to nickname registration.



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So a pretty cool thing happened



I'd like to introduce a few new projects that we are soon launching alongside notable IRC communities:

IRC.com (A professional, friendly network for huge communities)

IRC University - Free Education for the World (Seeking top expert Ph. D professors to teach - email us!)

IRC Gaming (We're going to have literally hundreds of thousands in cash prizes!)

IRC Ventures (VC/Incubation on IRC!)

IRC Foundation (Donating and supporting existing great IRC projects!)

Providing IRC bouncer (always on connectivity) support to all IRC networks and keeping it open!

In other words, IRC is here, and IRC is backed.



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      Hi all,
      Im currently building a photo sharing website and have a first version finished. Next step is to incorporate notifications in the website if a user likes one of your photo's, or comments on a photo you posted.
      Just like the notification bell at the top of the forums. Any idea how to approach this functionality?
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    • By anttila
      Hi all.
      First of all, I want to thank you all who blessed us with this great CMS. I have done 20+ sites with this and I'm very happy. I love the API.
      In case anyone is interested in using Discord to chat and talk about ProcessWire, I made server for us. Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming, but it's very good for our kind of communities too. Chatting is similar to IRC, voice is similar to TeamSpeak or Mumble, and there will be coming new features like video chatting. Also chance to use notifications when someone talking in a specific channel, but the server's default is only notified when mentioned.
      There can be multiple channels in one server; general, help, devtalk, security, specific languages. All can be public or accessed by only for a certain role.
      And if you're not there, let's say for five days, you can still search or read things what people have talked since you were there last time (if mod did not purge that channel). Windows and Mac clients are very good ones, but Linux is still in beta. And of course, there is webchat too.
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      I created a simple telegram bot. What it does? it enables you to save your voice messages and send them later using emojis or keywords in your group chats. Just add @voxgrambot in your group chats and search all the public voice messages available using text or emojis.
      If you want to create a new voice message just send a private message to the bot with the command /new . If you want more info send the command /help.
      The bot was made using Python and https://python-telegram-bot.org
      The backend was made using ProcessWire 3.x and my Rest API helper.


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      It is an absurd thing but I don´t know how include php files in the modules (include x.php) or use $ _GET and $ _POST. I am creating a chat module and I am not familiar with the API yet. I have seen modules as an example and they don´t use include or post.Thank you.
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      The code has been deleted because it hurt my eyes  
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