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Module: ImportPagesPrestashop


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You can download it here: ImportPagesPrestashop


With this module you can import your categories, products, features and images of the products to your new Processwire website!


What does it?

Once you've installed this module, a new tab will be under the Setup named Import Products from Prestashop. When you click on it, you can make connection with your Prestashop DB. After making the connection you can import first the categories, followed by products and the features and the images will be inserted in the fields of the product that is linked to these features and images. You can choose whether you import your categories et cetera in as much languages as possible or only in your default language. You can also choose to import the EAN-number and/or the products and the Reference code of the products.



Only tested it so far on Processwire 3.x. 



Download the zip file, upload it to your Processwire site and install it.


If you want this module to run as smooth as possible, name your languages like in the screenshot below.

If you want to execute this module in dutch, download the .zip file, go to your languages tab in processwire, go to your dutch language and upload that .zip file to your site translation files.


Credits to djuhari



Edited by Harmen
New options + translation file
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Just released a new version of this module!

This module is now available without using the ProField : Table. The import for features is faster now you can import it to a textarea field. It is still available to import the features of the products to the ProField: Table if the user wants to.

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New version available! It is now possible to choose whether you import your products etc for as much languages as possible, or for only your default language! I also updated the part in the code for making and adding fields to PW.


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New version is launched! 

I've added some new features/options

- Earlier I've launched a version with a new option to import the reference codes of your products and the EAN-numbers too

- Added a link to module info which links to this module in the module section of processwire.

- If you used this module before and only want to update your data, you don't need to first import your categories, then products etc. You can directly click on the import button you want to use. 

- Revised this module to make translations available. Also made a dutch translation for this module. Download the .zip file (attached to this post or get it via my github) and add it to your dutch language site translations file.


Enjoy the new features!



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Man, I just googled about a solution to bring a Processwire-site and a Prestashop together and found this module...
I have a Prestashop-site, but my customer wants to start with a small website. The shop including ordering booking products should come later.

As I want to save time, I just want to make one way. I can make a site with processwire and bring the ordering process to Prestashop later, or I rebuild my whole Prestashop once now an again later.

Is this possible to link only the ordering process with this module?

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