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Repeater: repeaterMaxItems gone?


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I just started using the repeater module from a fresh github install from today. When creating repeaters the repeaterMaxItems seems gone from the UI. I can't seem to set it anywhere. Judging from the video there should be a setting for this?

Glancing over the module code there seems to be some stuff related to repeaterMaxItems that is commented out?

Can someone using repeaters can confirm this?

Also a screenshot from adding repeater items. This seems kind of off, with adding _repeater[id] behind the fieldname

- edit - This seems to be the case if a field attached to the repeater hasn't got a label value set. I will report this on Github.


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The max items is a planned future addition. I'd originally planned on having it in the first version, but decided to keep things as simple as possible for the first go around. Max items will make an appearance in the next version.

When you leave out a label for a field, it's going to show the name that it's using internally. The same goes for repeaters. But because repeaters need to have the same field repeated over multiple times, they get the ID appended to the field name. That's necessary because an HTML form is all operating in the same namespace, so we can't just refer to "this_field" as "this_field". Instead we have to refer to it as "this_field for repeater item ID 1234", i.e. "this_field_repeater1234". That's what you are seeing in the screenshot.

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Again, thx for your always clear and thorough answers. Maybe it can get a little annoying people asking stuff that's obvious to you but if i encounter something that i don't understand most of the time i ask to make sure i'm not missing anything and/or doing something wrong.

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