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  1. Hello Ryan. I'm really looking forward to use ProDrafts in our 3.x installation of PW. Can you make any commitments when it will support the field type "RepeaterMatrx"? Right now i am building our new website. Almost all visible page components (text-/image-blocks, galleries, videos, slide shows, teaser, tables, etc.) are based on the new "RepeaterMatrix" field type. In my opinion, it really rocks and provides the easiest and fastest way for our designers to create very modular page compositions. And so, it is very easy for me to develop and deploy new page components. It would be so great, if ProDrafts would support the new field type "RepeaterMatrix" soon. Hopefully and all the best LaDev aka kbreynck
  2. Is this feature still planned for future addition or did I miss something?
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