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Exact illegal copy of my Site on another Domain


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36 minutes ago, elabx said:

Done that too! 

You should open a work (trouble) ticket with your hosting provider/domain registrar.  Sending an email to the abuse address is most likely not manned or properly monitored.

There are explicit established rules for hosting providers/domain registrars to handle this type of situation.  It may take some time to get this resolved, however the sooner you make them officially aware the better for you.  They can also provide guidance on how you, as their subscriber, can alleviate this problem in the future. Additionally, you will then have an official record that there was a problem.  You can refuse to close the ticket until the hosting provider/domain register has satisfied your request.

Worst case scenario, here is a link to use if all your other problem resolution strategies don't work:


Furthermore, If you aren't getting any resolution of this issue, I would recommend that you additionally look for a better hosting/domain registration provider.  Good luck with this because this is one of those irritating problems that occurs sometimes.

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www.ladosis.eduardosanmiguel.com = (amazon seattle) according to https://www.iplocation.net/ 

www.thatsnew.net = (amazon seattle) according to https://www.iplocation.net/ 

Looking at curl -I www.thatsnew.net it returns:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Server: nginx

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 17:30:09 GMT

Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

Location: http://www.ladosis.eduardosanmiguel.com/

Age: 0

Connection: keep-alive

So it's just a redirect?

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1s answer from namecheap:




Thank you for your email regarding thatsnew.net. 

In general, a domain which is not added to your server should be resolving to your server IP even if the corresponding A record is set for it. Please double-check the settings in your control panel. For example, if you have WHM, please make sure that you have uncheck the option "Allow Creation of Parked/Addon Domains that resolve to other servers (i.e. domain transfers) [This can be a major security problem. If you must have it enabled, be sure to not allow users to park common internet domains.]" from tweak settings.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact the company that controls the hosting nameservers of this domain.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.


2nd answer from Namecheap once I insisted that they are the domain owners and that the abuse mail belongs to them according to the whois on the IP address (the domain resolves to this address).




Thank you for getting back to us.

Please be informed that is an IP-address of our URL-forwarding server. It is technically impossible to store any content on it as it was set up simply for forwarding purposes. 

Let us recommend you to contact the company which operates the "www." sub-domain in this very case. Please find their contact details below:

You are welcome to contact us back in case of any questions or concerns.


(the xx mask is my actual server address)

1st answer from Enom:


If you have an issue with site content you need to contact the web hosting provider -- the one who runs the server. The Registrar, Enom, only created the domain name for whoever purchased it. We don't run, manage, or host their website.
Domain thatsnew.net resolves to IP Per the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN, https://www.arin.net/), that IP is assigned to Namecheap, Inc.; the site is hosted by Namecheap. You can reach them via the information at http//namecheap.com.
Technical Support

I think neither of them is paying much attention, but I think Namecheap is to be the one who takes the hit, on any whois I get that thatsnew dot net is the actual reseller so I wonder if my DNS setup is somehow filtered to someone else. (my domain is hosted on Namecheap too, and apparently, being resold by Namecheap with Enom as registrar).

What the heck? I mean, anyone would only need my IP address and point an A record right? Had never thought about it but is this really unavoidable up to the server's configuration (as per it is solved right now).

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