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Difference betweeen $page->delete() and $page->trash()

Francesco Bortolussi

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Recently I was in trouble filling a repeater inside a foreach loop (Creating pages from a CVS File).

One of the steps in my script was delete all existing pages before start creating new ones.

Discovered that after using $page->delete() and create a new page I could't fill my repeater fields.

Then if I use $page->trash() no problem, and the repeater's were created and correctly filled.

What's the difference between delete and trash?

Is there some internal pointer that get lost when delete() is called affecting the behaviour of the New() function or getNew()?

The original problem is in this tread:



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Delete is permanent (be careful with that) deletion/removal of that record (from the database)....trash is well, send it to the trash...can be retrieved later in case you change your mind (unless of course you empty the trash, then its deleted).....


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