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Problem: Ajax -requests getting 301 redirects

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I have a problem with all AJAX -requests getting 301 redirect. AFAIK this leads to the POST -data sent with the request getting cleared.

Below I is an example about what I'm trying to do.

My question is:

  • Is there something I don't understand about Processwire or internet technology which is causing this behaviour?
  1. I have page with a button.
  2. When you click this button, an HTML overlay popup (done with Foundation and Reveal) with option to enter email is displayed
    • (The content of this popup is a processwire template which is loaded with AJAX -request. Causes also 301 redirect, but this doesn't use POST -data, so I didn't realise the problem at this point)
  3. Then this data is sent as POST -request with payload to processwire for processing
  4. The processing is done by special API -template, which exists solely for this purpose of processing data.
  5. However the payload in the POST -request never reaches the API -template
  6. I believe this is because a 301 redirect happens before the the POST -request reaches the API -template

Thanks for reading and special thanks for any answers!

Example code:

Popup (HTML & JavaScript):

<!-- use onsubmit to override the standard 'sending form to self' -behaviour
<form onsubmit="WEBSITE.dialog.download.mail($('#email').val(), event); ">
   <input id='email' name='email' type='email' value=''>
   <input type="submit" value="Send">

The function which sends the POST -request to processwire template (which processes  API requests) (the function is in separate .js file)

// I've translated this from CoffeeScript to JS without testing, hope there's no errors 

dialog = {
 download: {
   mail: function (email, ev){

     // Prevent default behaviour of submit -functionality
     // Success and error callbacks
     success = function(response){
        console.log('success', response);
     error = function(response){
        console.log('error', response);

     // Do ajax -request with jQuery
     request = $.ajax({
       url: '/api/mailer/send/',
       method: "POST",
       data: {email: email},
       success: success,
       error: error

I've also tried this with doing the request without jQuery, but result is the same.


The API template (PHP):


  // Redirect non-ajax calls
  // Get the API address from url
  $api_url = explode('/api/', $page->url);

    // This url is not in correct format, send error
        'Invalid url format.'

  switch ($api_url[1]):

    case 'mailer/send/':

      // This is where it stops every time, though I've checked from Chrome dev console that the email key/value pair exists (at least when request is made)
      if($input->post->email === null){
             'Insufficient params.'
        // Create the response
        $response = createJSONResponse(

    // Default action - needs to be last of the list
      // So this api does not exist, send error
          'Unknown API.'


  // Send the response


Here's how the responses are created (from a helper methods file):

* Create JSON response for httpXMLRequest
* @param status - a string that represents the status of this operation. Recommended values: 'success' or 'error'
* @param result - the data resulting this request.
* @return JSON object
function createJSONResponse($status, $result){
  return json_encode(
      'status' => $status,
      'result' => $result

* Create JSON error response for httpXMLRequest
* @param code - error code
* @param msg - error message
* @return JSON object
function createJSONResponseError($code, $msg){
  return createJSONResponse(
      'code' => $code,
      'msg' => $msg

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It seems you're missing a single-quote in your onsubmit attribute. 

I checked this and it seems this happened while transferring the example to forums: the quote is there in the original source.

Edited this mistake from the first post.

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What is your slash setting on the template? If you have no trailing slash turned on it would get redirected from domain/url/ to domain/url — and as you have trailing slash in the JS, it could be that you've turned it off.

(also, it seems you're using input segments. Those have have the trailing slash setting as well)

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What is your slash setting on the template?

"Should page URLs end with a slash?" is set to "Yes".

(also, it seems you're using input segments. Those have have the trailing slash setting as well)

Actually I have page structure to reflect the structure of the api. The "Allow URL Segments?" -setting is set to "No".

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So I found  the reason behind redirects:

  1. I'm using the multilanguage version of Processwire, and it adds the language id to URLs (e.g mysite/en/page/)
  2. My request URLs didn't have this language string in them (e.g mysite/page/) which caused them to be 301 redirected

I was able to find this out by using this plugin, which gives more detailed information about headers than Chrome dev tools (redirects are not bundled into one entry):


Thanks for the help I received

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