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Template loses field assignments


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After creating fields and assigning to a template, I added pages with the template. All good.

At one point, I had an admin edit page open to view the data and the template configuration in another browser tab to check the field names as I was coding the layout offline.

I edited the page and submitted. I then viewed the front end page in another browser tab which showed nothing? Went back to the template config tab and refreshed it. All 35 x fields, including the title field were dropped from the template!!!

I checked in phpMyAdmin and my custom fields were all there with, eg land_measurement:


where [41] matched my template id. Everything else in the template configuration was correct.

What happened to the field assignments in the template? How can I recover them without having to reconstruct the template?

More importantly, what caused this behaviour so I can avoid it in the future?


PW  2.6.1

Apache version 2.2.29

PHP version 5.4.40

MySQL version 5.5.42-37.1-log

PS: I also had a template lose its fields on another site running an earlier PW version on a different host.

Any ideas?

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