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Users - pausing and user overview

Peter Knight

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There's no way to temporarily pause a users login access.

You can uncheck their roles and hit save. If you have many roles, you have to remember what they had access to if you need to re-admit them.

Would it be useful to have a "pause access" checkbox for a user ?

Also, on the User Overview a new column titled "Status" could be nice. Gives an overview of wether someone is paused, activated etc

Edit - I think I can configure Lister to display a users status

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Not a proper solution, but you could just change the username temporarily, or add 'xxx' or something to it.

Personally, I like that idea :)

Client wouldn't like this as a solution but as a short term fix it'll work for some of my more personal projects.

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I was going to say same as Martin - unpublish them in the page tree would be easiest. A quick module could add similar functionality to the normal user profile page for superusers maybe as I don't think you can do it there (can't check quickly as on mobile).

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