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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there, for a client website I need to implement a "reviewer" role. "Reviewers" should be able to review new (unpublished) articles to give feedback to editors, but not have the permission to change them. I built a new "reviewer" role that only has page-view permissions for the respective templates, but this permission does not include viewing unpublished pages. How can I grant them access to the unpublished articles without giving them page-edit permission? Cheers, Flo
  2. HI, The scenario is, I manage a magazine website, I have an article to publish, but before making it public available, I have to show the preview to my Editor and get approval. What I have done is, I created the page, filled the contents then put it as a Unpublished status. I as admin can see the preview of the page but when I send this page link to the editor ( he has no admin access, he should not because the person may vary with each articles ) , the editor cannot view the preview of Unpublished page. Is there any workaround on this ? Is it possible to make this preview page watchable with a direct link ? thanks
  3. Hi! ? SITE SETUP / DESCRIPTION: What? Online art magazine with an "All featured works" and also an "All featured artists" index page, and also individual "Work" and "Artists" pages, and data relations between the different artists and their artworks. So, I have two different page reference fields, connected by @Robin S's awesome Connect Page Fields module (though that has nothing to do with the issue in fact, Robin's plugin works great! and the issue is the same with or without it). The two Page Reference type fields are called "works" and "artists". They are meant to simply connect different artists to different artworks. Fx: Work 1 (page) –> artists (Page Reference field) : Artist A (page) --->>> (automatically connected) Artist A (page) –> works (Page Reference field) : Work 1 (page) Work 2 (page) –> artists (Page Reference field) : Artist B (page) --->>> (automatically connected) Artist B (page) –> works (Page Reference field) : Work 2 (page) ISSUE: On both Page Reference fields, both on "artists" and on "works" this option "Allow unpublished pages" is activated: As it says in the option description, supposedly, unpublished pages should be selectable in the page reference field, but they should not be visible, they shouldn't appear, on the front-end... Frontend: To show all works related to the artist on the artist individual page I'm doing this: <?php foreach($page->works as $item) { echo "<img src='{$item->image->first->width(200)->url}' class='pr-2'><a class='pr-4' href='$item->url'>$item->title</a>"; } The problem is now, unexpectedly, if some work is set to "Unpublished", it shows up anyways! WORKAROUND: So to get around this I figured out that I can do this: <?php foreach($page->works as $item) { if($item->is(Page::statusUnpublished)) { return; }; echo "<img src='{$item->image->first->width(200)->url}' class='pr-2'><a class='pr-4' href='$item->url'>$item->title</a>"; } But ofc this is a rather inelegant "solution" which shouldn't really be necessary, right? I might be missing something basic here, but really can't figure out what it is... I hope one of you awesome guys can help me out ? Thanks a lot in advance! All the best, Jonatan
  4. I am using module "FormTemplateProcessor" to get data in a pages but they all are unpublished and when I am trying to display them with relevent pages it not working page1 p1 p2 p3 page2 (FormTemplateProcessor) up1 (unpublished page and have p1 id on field knows as "ID") up2 (unpublished page and have p3 id on field knows as "ID") up3 (unpublished page and have p2 id on field knows as "ID") now here up1, ip2, up3 can be created by p1, p2 or p3 and I am saving respectively I'm saving their id in field which is being used by up1,up2,up3, etc template. now I want to show the data from unpublished pages which belongs to p1, p2 and p3 respectively anyone has experienced this or knows something which can help me out ?
  5. Hi all, From my attempts it seems like this is not possible but thought I would raise it here before scrapping the idea and trying something else. I have an importer script reading a third party feed and creating some pages (page_type_A) based on that. It also creates some other pages (page_type_B) which are by default set to unpublished as the third party don't seem to have control over some of the data they send us, so we set them to unpublished so that someone on our end needs to approve them, so far so good. The issue I have encountered is that page_type_A at creation uses the API to set one of its fields to a particular page_type_B, the field is setup as PageSelector. When I look at the database this seems to work fine, but if you go into page_type_A the Page Selector list is always preset to blank? I updated the Page Selector and set the Selector String to use "include=all" which does populate the drop down with all the correct pages but since there all unpublished it never seems to be preselected to the one which is actually saved as in the DB. Hope that makes some sort of sense.
  6. Hey, I completely built this platform with ProcessWire (http://djmag.live/). It works fine except for the fact that some pages are still show, even when I change their state to "unpublished". They are still showing when they are returned through $object->children("template=_foo") or $pages->find("template=_foo"). Does anybody know what the problem might be?
  7. <?$work_pages = new PageArray();?> <?$project_1 = $pages->get("parent=/work/projects, limit=1, sort=sort"); $work_pages->add($project_1); // Code for Project 1 goes here $project_2 = $pages->get("parent=/work/projects, id!=$work_pages, limit=1, sort=sort"); $work_pages->add($project_2); // Code for Project 2 goes here $project_3 = $pages->get("parent=/work/projects, id!=$work_pages, limit=1, sort=sort"); $work_pages->add($project_3); // Code for Project 3 goes here // etc I have the above code which gets project pages then adds the project to an array to exclude from the next selector. I'm sure this was working fine but seems to have started including unpublished pages - if I unpublish or hide pages they still show up. I've done some troubleshooting and have excluded any caching issues - the code is definitely pulling in unpublished pages. Working on Processwire 2.8.35.
  8. I have a PageTable field (editions) that I need to access the top page even if the page is unpublished: $page->editions[0]->id This throws up an error when the top page is unpublished, however works fine when it's published. I know I can't access the pages as children because the PageTable order differs from the child order, and I need the top page as it is in the PageTable field. Any ideas how I may be able to do this?
  9. Hi, I have a custom built module that auto-generates a number of pages (translations) on creation of a master page (English version) and saves them as subpages of their respective languages. Home - Articles (English) -- Article title - French -- Articles --- Article title (unpublished) - German -- Articles --- Article title (unpublished) etc The pages that are created are unpublished and I'd like if possible to be able to pull content for the English version until a translated version is published. Sometimes no translated version will be available so the English content is seen as a 'fallback' here. Currently to a logged out user trying to view an unpublished translation page will see a 404. Could there be a a way to override this behaviour? I'd only want it to be limited to the translations, so template or parent specific. Extra info... Every translated version has a pagefield storing the master English version, so that info is available for pulling out into a template or module. Each article and it's translations have the same name but is / a country code, such as /fr/ or /de/ etc Any help much appreciated!
  10. I have a list of Tags on a blog. They basically list all the tags used across all posts using the selector below. <?php echo "<ul class=\"rhs-meta\">"; $browse_tags = $pages->find("template=el-tag-individual"); foreach ($browse_tags as $tag) { echo"<li class=\"\"><a href=\"{$tag->url}\">{$tag->title}</a></li>";} echo"</ul>" ;?> I notice when a page is unpublished, tags used by a page are still included on the list of tags. PW is just doing what I ask it- pull in all tags from pages with the template el-tag-individual is there a way to exclude tags from unpublished pages? The selector documentation refers to the opposite (including unpublished pages).
  11. Hi there, I'm new to PW and loving it so far! I'd just like to know... is it possible to have view-only access for unpublished pages? I can't seem to get that level of permission working without also having to grant EDIT access, which I don't want to do. Thanks! Lauren
  12. I wanted to temporarily unpublish or hide a blog page while it was being worked on but it seems that if you go directly to /blog then the page still displays. Is this normal behaviour? Edit: I suppose the blog page is made up of links to its children with "blog-entry" as template should that affect things?
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