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  1. Similar problem here: Fatal error: Class 'Pagefile' not found in /home/.../.../site/modules/FieldtypePDF/FieldtypePDF/PagePDF.php on line 40 Using PW 3.0.60; Github devns link is dead...
  2. A near-oneclick solution to change the default language (specifically frontend) in PW would be really neat!
  3. Hi Ermarcello and welcome to the forum! From my opinion a PW website is running OK on both C1 and Pi2 - I see no big differences. Raspberry Pi is better SW supported and is more mature I would say - you can restart it without problems while C1 you can't etc. Odroid C1 is better at some tasks like browsing as it is HW accelerated. I think it should be possible to host multiple low traffic websites on both of them without problems.
  4. @netcarver Today I tried both Iceweasel (aka FF) and Chromium on the new Pi2 and I am not impressed at all - they both performed rather poorly (on Raspbian). PM will follow.
  5. @netcarver I ordered the Pi2, as soon as it arrives I'll do it.
  6. C1 is not bad at all, but you have to play with it first a little more than with the Pi (how old is it - a month or two?)
  7. I would also probably recommend the Pi 2 (quad-core) over the C1 - the HW seems to be OK, but the SW is buggy compared to the Pi's (e.g. no booting after apt-get upgrade etc.); they are working on it but anyway...
  8. @netcarver Today I could try your site on a fresh C1 ubuntu install; it was a bit jerky, but after I allowed hardware acceleration in Chromium, it was just like on my regular PC - I would say perfect - but judge yourself (see PM).
  9. I am running some dedicated servers with Plesk; never had issues with PW, but there are mostly issues with "preview" (if site was PW doesn't matter) when the site's domain was not linked to server's IP.
  10. @netcarver I use Odroid-C1 with 5V/2A power supply (2.5mm plug), a Samsung EVO 16GB microSD card (class 10, UHS-I) and last Ubuntu image for C1 (from Hardkernel site). Ethernet is limited to 100Mb and a little tweak is needed for this setup to run properly, but I asume it's not interesting at this stage. If you wish I could run a php benchmark on the Odroid (e.g. like this one) so you could compare it with whatever you wish.
  11. @netcarver C1's typical power consumption: 0.5A @ 5V, up to 2A @ 5V with several USB peripherals. So 10W in worst case, but normally 2-3W. I use it as headless server, so some RAM and maybe power (HDMI and graphics off) are saved.
  12. For some people it may be cool to run their own website on their own HW. But a PC is power hungry and some micros aren't powerful enough; therefore I tried to use a mini server with less than 5W power consumption. The setup: Linux (Pi: Raspbian/C1: Ubuntu) Apache2 + PHP5 MySQL + PhpMyAdmin NoIp2 (dynamic DNS client) PW (of course;-) PW is running OK on Raspberry Pi, but when you create a page with some images and resizing, you have to wait for the results between a couple of minutes and an hour; page rendering afterwards is within seconds. I wanted to try something quicker so I got an Odroid-C1 (same price as Pi - 35$) and the results are very good - C1 is about 6 times faster than Pi and after some configuring it runs stable and without problems. If someone's interested in details, don't hesitate to ask.
  13. Very interesting! BTW I had some problems with html2pdf class and (slovak) charset; mPDF seems to work correctly.
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