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  1. Html the way to go. I think focusing on developers instead of newbies would be better. What about a component kit example say: Navigation - 10 layouts Hero pages - 10 layouts Product pages - 10 layouts Slider content - 10 layouts News pages - 10 layouts Data - 10 layouts etc So you could pick and choose elements to create final theme. If theres any issues that developers face regarding theming and designing applications would be great to know. Thanks
  2. Solved (My JavaScript causing Issue) Hi, I cant get the link for the parent of a sub menu to go to its page - the submenu works fine. Products (Not Working) Products One (Working) Products Two (Working) $options = array( 'parent_class' => 'parent', 'current_class' => 'current', 'has_children_class' => 'has_children', 'levels' => true, 'levels_prefix' => 'level-', 'max_levels' => null, 'firstlast' => false, 'collapsed' => false, 'show_root' => true, 'selector' => '', 'selector_field' => '', 'outer_tpl' => '<ul class="dropdown">||</ul>', 'inner_tpl' => '<ul>||</ul>', 'list_tpl' => '<li%s>||</li>', 'list_field_class' => '', 'item_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title}</a>', 'item_current_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title}</a>', 'xtemplates' => '', 'xitem_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">javascript:;</a>', 'xitem_current_tpl' => '<span>{title}</span>', 'date_format' => 'Y/m/d', 'code_formatting' => false, 'debug' => false ); echo $treeMenu->render($options, $page, $rootPage); ?>
  3. Hi Louis I got it fixed by changing folder permission to 755 and getting rid of extra ht access file. Thanks
  4. Hi I want to create installations of Processwire in separate folders so they can be accessed like below. they will all use the same database. This works how I want in localhost but not on server. works fine on root for one installation. mydomain/pwone mydomain/pwtwo mydomain/pwthree Thanks
  5. Hi, I was thinking of creating Processwire Themes for sale using UIKIT with SASS. The themes would be coded into Processwire using fields and repeaters with a delayed output strategy with basic tutorials. I came back to Processwire a few times as I couldn't get to grips but really glad I made the effort as WP was just hell. I feel these would be good for newbies and starter points. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this or would I be better off just creating UIKIT themes. Screenshot attached. Thanks
  6. Thanks Teppo Ill make sure I do this from now on.
  7. Hi, I want to add icons to the urls using Mark Up Simple Navigation. 'item_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title}</a>' (can add to all links) 'item_current_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title}</a>', (can add to current) How can I add icon to separate urls Thanks
  8. The thumbnails alt tag is working fine now but how would I set the large image alt that it links too foreach ($page->images as $image) { $large = $image->width(1000); $thumb = $image->size(400, 400); $content .= "<a href='$large->url' class='thumb-roll'> <img src='$thumb->url' alt='$thumb->description' /></a>"; }
  9. Hi I cant get alt tags to work with image description. $content .= "<a href='$large->url' class='thumb-roll'> <img src='$thumb->url' alt='$image->description' /></a>"; Thanks for any help.
  10. Thanks Dragan I would like the filename automatically generated from the description. description: lets have a party (becomes below) image: lets-have-a-party.jpg Just like when you add the url name for the page
  11. Hi is there a way hyphens can be added automatically when renaming images so I don't have to type them in. Just like when you name a page. Thanks
  12. Hi, The parent url (work with me) doesn't work using MarkUpSimpleNavigation - Is there something in the options that I should be setting? Thanks
  13. Setup/Fields or Setup/Templates there are import export buttons.
  14. Hi, Whats the best way to export templates and fields from one installation to another. Or any tips on creating templates and fields inside a module. Thanks
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