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  1. @MoritzLost Thank you ! works like expected
  2. Hello all, Is there a way to find cookies that generated using dynamic name ? like "name_randomcode" eg: name_123z, name_321x, etc ..
  3. php code to create multiple pages : if ($input->post->submit) { $amount = count($input->post->field_1); for($i=0;$i<$amount;$i++) { $p = new Page(); $p->template = "template_1"; $p->parent = wire('pages')->get("/parent_1/"); $p->title = $input->post->field_1[$i]; $p->name = $input->post->field_1[$i]; foreach ($input->post->field_2 as $result) { $p->text.= $result." "; } $p->save(); } } html code : <tr> <td><input type="text" name="field_1"></td> <td> <select name="field_2[]" multiple="multiple"> <option value="opt_1">opt_1</option> <option value="opt_2">opt_2</option> <option value="opt_3">opt_3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type="text" name="field_1"></td> <td> <select name="field_2[]" multiple="multiple"> <option value="opt_1">opt_1</option> <option value="opt_2">opt_2</option> <option value="opt_3">opt_3</option> </select> </td> </tr> ... and another <tr>..</tr> addition using javascript There is off course incorrect value on field_2, they will contain same data get from field_2 on first row. Have try on google search and not found any solution yet, there are talk about multi-dimensional array but still not understand how to implement that.
  4. Thanks a lot @teppo and @adrian I ended up with @teppo's way using selector string, and using check_access=0 (just knew this) works like expected !
  5. Using page reference field to get some users under certain role: - At input tab, i select "Custom find" to query users under certain roles. Problem is: for user_1 which is not superuser, above field doesn't work, page reference content not displayed. However if i give superuser role to user_1, above field work like expected which of course, i don't want to give superuser role to user_1. I already tried check all permissions available to user_1 and add custom predefined system permissions (user-admin-all, user-admin-[role]), still doesn't work.
  6. On localhost, icon spinner not loading when using option D (dialog editor) in front-end edit, looks like below : This must be path problem to fontawesome css but i can't find which file need to edit.
  7. Yes !, it fixed in this update, Thanks 👍
  8. i"m on Win 10 x64, using XAMPP portable x64 7.3.14
  9. Any idea why item suggestion not listed correctly ? ( processwire 3.0.148) On configuration: Result
  10. Great ! i will use this for now, but module will be super great ! easier to maintain. Thanks a lot @Robin S
  11. Hello there, Anyone have solution for simple field type text with dropdown support ? basically i need dropdown field type which can be filled also with custom text like this in html : <input type="text" list="predefined" name="customlist"> <datalist id="predefined"> <option value="option-A"> <option value="option-B"> <option value="option-C"> </datalist> The closest thing is Inputfield Selectize but it is too overkill, and Text Input Awesomplete which not dropdown but autocomplete. Thanks
  12. @kongondo is there any update about how to properly uninstall this module ? i have same error message like @szabesz case. Thanks
  13. For others need this solution using css, no need to use admin custom file module, just make custom admin css file inside template folder, add path to that css to admin.php inside template folder. Original reference :
  14. @bernhard - CSS solution doesn't go, it will need this module which doesn't work on my side , i already read and do what docs said but css just not loading. - Hook solution work !, i'm blank with coding in hook, is there anyway to auto truncate by detecting template and field? no need to re save the page ? if it's need to work that way, it's ok, it's already much better than default, thanks a lot for this hook solution 🙇‍♂️
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