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  1. really like this, will be complete if can do bulk export too, currently i'm using custom php script in front end for huge data export, but prefer if i can do this in admin area.
  2. Just install it on 3.0.98, so far didn't found any problem .. yet.
  3. Sure, first pardon for my english 1. Create "wireRenderFile('name-of-file')" contain html code <a href='link to page x' target='iframe x'> link AND small size <iframe name="x"> depend on how much text result will be, give css class to a href so it is like any other in admin page button, iframe used here so when a href above clicked, the result will be displayed in iframe, not opening in new page. DO NOT use <form><button></button></form> in this page, it can't be executed. 2. Create new 'page x' and 'template x' file as a href link target in step 1 , processing code will be inside this template file, you can really flexible here by using get URL parameter in step 1, such ?id=something&status=something, example case is in invoice page, you can send different content email notification (unpaid vs paid) using one button. Hope this can help somebody else trying to send mail in admin page edit.
  4. Thank you, what stupid i am ! $user->isSuperuser() Yes, this one work ! thank you. if ($user->isSuperuser()) { echo "do this"; } else { echo "do that"; } Mean: if current user login has superuser role, do this.
  5. Is there any builtin session created automatically when admin logged in ? Currently i do this way to detect admin login or not; - Install core module Session Handler Database, i can see in database when admin login/logout - Because i don't know whats API to use to to fetch above data, i'm using $db->query("select .. from .. where") - From query result above i can make if statement admin logged do this, else do that for any page, eg: prevent opening certain page if admin not login. Anyone knows what API to use to handle that process ? thank you
  6. Thank you for developing this useful module, now i can send email to certain user from admin easily, inspired from here : For those who need more explanation: Button is actually <a href> to template which will open new page (yes very ugly behaviour, read below) contain custom php code , not inside <form> action because <form> not allowed inside textarea. To prevent opening new page when click the button, make an <iframe> inside the template as a target button, that's it, beautifully execution like native form in admin page.
  7. Make it compatible to pw 3.x please ..
  8. Unfortunately, still didn't work. End up using alternate solution: using symlink, not really pretty like htaccess but similar result. @szabesz BTW thanks for helping to references, indirectly that refer to alternate solution above.
  9. Yes i'm pretty sure, clean install 3.0.62 , 3.0.96 and 3.0.98 Start from 3.0.96 i can't use : RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /subdirectory/$1 [L] Below code work but not hiding subdirectory in URL RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /subdirectory [L] Yes i have tried all method i found in this forum and stackoverflow, none work yet. Thanks for this, yes it is there.
  10. Hello, 1. Anybody can help, why this htaccess (location in root) doesn't work at 3.0.98 ? it show 404 RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /subdirectory/$1 [L] That rule works in 3.0.62 It redirect root request to subdirectory processwire installation and hiding the subdirectory name in url. I have try to uncomment htaccess inside subdirectory processwire installation : RewriteBase /pw/ to RewriteBase /subdirectory/ Doesn't help, still 404 when open the site from root domain. 2. Is there anyway to find processwire version from processwire files ? not from admin login page. Thank you.
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