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  1. Just found this module, match to project needs, thanks a lot. Questions on frontend : 1. Is it possible to show allowed roles / username for each page protected ? 2. Or displaying allowed pages for roles / username. 3. What is $page->prohibited use for ?
  2. Update, error line 515 happen only when updating value, using csv upload method or paste in method, the value seem updated tho.
  3. Confirmed, i have this warning too, using csv upload and text, pw 3.0.184 and module 1.08, import result seem on and off, some not imported
  4. Is it possible to update current value while also add new item (if any) for current repeater using dynamic row ?
  5. You need creating form using dynamic row <input type="text" name="fieldname[]"> Then, using this php code to fill the repeaters <?php $fields = count($_POST['fieldname']); $p = new Page(); $p->template = 'template_name'; $p->parent = $pages->get('/parent_name/'); $p->name = 'page-name'; for ( $i=0;$i<$fields;++$i ) { $repeater = $p->repeater_name->getNewItem(); $repeater->field_in_repeater = $input->post->fieldname[$i]; $repeater->save(); } $p->save();
  6. Or using ternary operator : <select> <?php $field = $fields->get('field_name'); $options = $field->type->getOptions($field); $selectedField = $page->field_name->title; foreach ($options as $option) { echo "<option value='".$option."' ".($option->title == $selectedField ? "selected":"").">".$option->title.'</option>'; } ?> </select>
  7. For example, sometimes we need to change title/name/template for about 80 pages from about 600+ pages. We use PW for intranet application. Thank you for your offer anyway @adrian, we will discuss this with our IT staff first.
  8. Ahh ok, too bad BCE can't handle many pages, it's already has a nice interface for bulk edit.
  9. Hello, On my PW tree, some of parents have thousands child pages, and some tens of thousands child pages, using BCE load child pages is heavy and cannot using edit mode because of error memory/timeout. Is that possible to add pagination like on edit mode just like lister mode ? or is there any way to use this module with thousands child pages ?
  10. Site B get data from site A using : $items = $siteA->pages->find("parent=/productA/,limit=10"); foreach ($items as $item) { .... } $items->renderPager(); Pagination displayed correctly but they page number path also goes to siteA, which is off course not work when clicked. How to do this pagination properly in multi-instance ? thanks
  11. @bernhard sorry, i make you confuse by my bad english ? I mean, try to place this : <?php $pdf = $modules->get('RockPdf'); $pdf->write("pdf content"); $pdf->show(); ?> before any html content, at first line if possible.
  12. For anybody facing this problem which in my case invalid pdf will generate error "one or more XREF chunks were not found". Solved it by placing the rockpdf instance php code block on top of anything else.
  13. @kongondo Thanks a lot ! just knew functions API can be enabled by this way ?
  14. I'm using 2 multi instance, both same version (3.0.148) with this state at config.php $config->useFunctionsAPI = false;
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