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  1. Thanks @flydev 👊🏻 this is awesome. I've not even had a chance to try it out yet but I can see I had previously been doing something wrong... /// change the button's label (attribute: value) $submit->attr("value", "Foobar"); Had been trying to target 'label' rather than button value... duh! Probably led me down a blind alley from the get go!
  2. Thank @wbmnfktr. I did see that thread from Ryan, but it didn't seem to cover modifying the default button, more about adding a new one. However on second thoughts I'm going to use the drop down actions anyway as may need more than one option, but it would be good to know about editing the default label if anyone has any insight on this for future reference.
  3. I'm trying to do something I thought would be simple, but maybe not!... I'm trying to hook ProcessPageEdit to change the label/text displayed on the page save button in certain circumstances based on fields in that page. But can't figure if it's possible to target the button. I can get to the button actions in the drop down with ProcessPageEdit::getSubmitActions but this array doesn't contain the top level label only the drop down values. Can anyone point me in the right direction here please? TIA 🙂
  4. Late response I know, the recent message triggered the notification for this thread!... But I don't think you need a hook for this. The new version of this MarkupSEO allows you to set up automatic field inheritance for empty fields. E.g. so meta title is auto populated by page title.
  5. Thanks @BrendonKoz this is useful to know/have. The reason I create the little module above is because we were told that Google's own widget version was going to be completely removed and that the deadline for this was only extended due to Covid. We had a few sites reliant on it, so wanted a fall back. It will be interesting to see whether the original widget stops working on not.
  6. I created a simple translation module for a project we're currently working on and I thought I would share it in case it's useful for anyone else as it's a request we've come across a few times recently. It's a basic page translation module using Google Translate to replace their now retired embeddable page translation widget. The module outputs a simple, un-styled, dropdown language selector that routes the visitor to a translated version of the current page via translate.google.com. From there you can then navigate the whole site in the your language of choice. There's also a method to output a single language-specific translation URL for any supported language using the language ISO code. Download, usage and supported language list available on my Github here: https://github.com/mrjcgoodwin/MarkupGoogleTranslate Caveat 1: Google seem to be trying to encourage use of their Google Translation API, so the continued working of this module is completely at their mercy - I can imagine they may discourage this usage at some point, but who knows! Caveat 2: I haven't yet deciphered what all the parameters are used for in the constructed Google Translate URL. It's possible there may be some sites/scenarios where the URL doesn't work. Feel free to report if you find any issues.
  7. Ah brilliant thanks - think this is what I was thinking of 😊. Nothing against php arrays either, in my mind I was thinking of JSON for some reason. Although I’m considering a workflow that has gulp in it anyway, so json may be involved at some point.
  8. Thanks - but I don’t think that’s the one. I think it was in one of the newsletters discussing dev branch updates. It was more along the lines of creating new templates using a text or json file to define the fields. Had some ideas around experimenting with this in our workflow… but now seriously beginning to wonder if I dreamed it 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I think I saw post on here or an article in the newsletter about a forthcoming feature for defining/importing templates using a JSON file… or did I completely imagine this?! 😅 If it’s real I can’t find the info anywhere!
  10. Hi @Gadgetto - just wondering if you have or are thinking of doing any more work on the V3 support for your module?
  11. We also use the Keyword field more as a reminder of keywords we're targeting a particular page at - especially as most search engines ignore this data anyway.
  12. I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet but according to a recent weekly PW newsletter it's a new module @bernhard is working on: https://github.com/baumrock/RockSeo
  13. Thanks 😊. I will check out RockSEO. The thing that has kept us on MarkupSEO to date is the simplicity for implementation and also for clients. Combined with the changes you’ve made previously it’s pretty effective at doing what it needs to. I’ll have a think if there’s anything else that can be done to improve it further.
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