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  1. Ok cool thanks - had read that thread and was secretly hoping for 'hidden option c' that I hadn't yet come across that would allow me to keep the file in templates without relating it to a page!
  2. I'm trying to make an AJAX call from within a template to a php script within my templates folder, but I'm getting a 404 from all URLs. Is there a proper way to directly address scripts within PW templates? I've read it will work in the site root, but I'd rather keep all the code together if possible.
  3. Ok - I think I've got this half-way solved. I found a similar discussion on this site: March 2018 Facebook have changed their app policy to use Strictmode for redirect URI's. So you need to enter https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/login-facebook/ into the 'Valid OAuth Redirect URIs' field. I think you probably also now need be using https to make it work. So I get the correct FB authorisation screen when you visit the /login-facebook page. The remaining problem now is that the redirect after FB authorisation isn't working. I get a 500 error - FB seems to be trying to send me back to https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/login-facebook/ rather than the page I've chosen in the module settings. Any ideas? Edit: The above works fine - I was trying to map the FB profile image field direct to a ProcessWire image field which you can do and this was causing the error.
  4. I'm having this problem too - have you figured it out yet? I'm wondering if Facebook have changed something their end as the instructions for setup don't quite tally with what I'm seeing on the App configuration screen.