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  1. Hi, yes i can help you. please email me victor.cisin20@gmail.com or Skype me: cis.victor1 Thanks, victor
  2. Hi, I can assist. PM sent Victor
  3. Hi, I can assist. PM sent Victor
  4. Hi, I should be able to help with this, email me at victor.cisin20@gmail.com So add me over Skype: cis.victor1 Regards, Victor
  5. Hi I can help you. Please email me at victor.cisin20@gmail.com and add me over Skype: cis.victor1 Victor
  6. Hi, I would be glad to assist you. Please write me at victor.cisin20@gmail.com or Skype: cis.victor1 Thanks, Victor
  7. Hi paul, Email sent. Thanks, Victor
  8. Paul_victor

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    Hi @Zen, If you still need assistance, please touch base at victor.cisin10@gmail.com Thanks, Victor
  9. Hi, I can help. Please email me at victor.cisin10@gmail.com Thanks, Victor
  10. Hi @Jota, Email sent. Please check and touch base. Victor
  11. Hi Peter, I'm interested to discuss further with you on the PW developer requirement. Please detail me complete requirement at " victor.cisin10@gmail.com " and Skype " cis.victor1 " Thanks, Victor
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