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  1. Hi Kongondo, Thanks, the "blog/categories/" template makes sense when listing categories over all, my goal above was to generate something short and simple for a side bar listing - your snipped was exactly what I was after, thank you!
  2. Hi Kongondo, Thanks for this massive module! I've been away from PW for a while and finding this was a true gem. How would we render just the Categories list with page count next to it without actual blog entries? Similar to /blog/categories/ I have tried setting the limit without much change: $blog = $modules->get('MarkupBlog'); //number of posts to list per category $limit = 0; //get the categories page. $categories = $pages->get('/blog/categories/'); //Render list of categories showing a maximum of 0 posts titles per category //children = the individual category pages echo $blog->renderCategories($categories->children, $limit); I could not see many parameters or examples in the docs. Thanks so much! Using ProcessWire 3.0.98 and Blog Module 2.4.2
  3. Thanks Marcus! I was looking through the module files thinking that we manually need to update files to hold the API key, turns out that our module was out of date as well.
  4. So what was the fix for MapMarker? Where would we add the API key in PW? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the tip! Turns out my host had to add https URLs to the list of allowed URLs for Hotlink protection option. All is good now!
  6. Thanks, .htaccess trick works but I am back to my post title...assets/files do not load. Is there a config setting that also needs adjusting?
  7. Hi szabesz, I don't need the entire site to be https just a segment/page. I would like to have HTTP as fallback in case SSL certs laps and expire. So at this point I could turn the entire site towards https (I see that .htaccess can be used) but I can't find how to adjust https vs. http for asset path processing. Thank you.
  8. Hello community, This is the first time I have enabled SSL with PW powered site so forgive the question. Templates are set to HTTP or HTTP so content is being processed. However all the assets do not load correctly eg. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Page Not Found) https://site.com/site/assets/files/1/logo.png Any tips? Thank you!
  9. Gayan, We have launched the site built around your profile and would like to thank you again for releasing such elegant profile and design. All the best.
  10. After talking to my host they confirmed and had to whitelist mod_sec rules. Thanks again for the pointer in the right direction.
  11. Yeah I tried the debug no errors, but it makes sense. This is a new host so it is very likely the issue. Thank you so much for the help! All the best.
  12. Correct. If I enter just the plain txt say word "test" all is good, I enter just "<script>" tag itself then on save of the page I am redirected/shown content of my sites 404 page but url remains on http://site.com/processwire/page/edit/?id=1. I can still edit the page just need to reload the page and the old value is still in the field. This is new just migrated/gone live site. Naturally, placing the GA snip inside the '/site/templates/scripts' or whatever then calling it in template works just doesn't leave it 'manageable' via field. Thank you.
  13. Hi Adrian, Yes using "unknown", regular textarea (not using CkEditor) and when I save the page I get the 404 page displayed while the actual URL still sits on site.com/processwire/page/edit/?id=1 being my 'home' page. Using PW 2.6 if it matters. If I enter just plain text it saves ok but not the GA including <script> tags and all. Thanks for the time.
  14. Hello PW people, It has been a while...quite a while since I used PW so forgive me for this newbie question. I know that we can easily paste the GA code into the template but I thought to be slick and use field to store the whole JS script. After setting the textarea field to be content type 'none' and saving a page values don't get saved. Something I need to change on the template processing side? Is this by design so that JS (and CSS and other code snips for that matter) don't get processed? Thank you.
  15. Thank you for the module, works great for simple mailto under PW 2.6 as well. All the best!
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