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  1. @Soma you have just saved me. Thank you.
  2. Great find! Thanks!
  3. Solved. @Zeka's suggestion to disable templateCompile solved all caching issues with class files. I was also using: spl_autoload_register() To dynamically load classes when they're called, unfortunately this doesn't seem to play well with PW. I used a regular include loop to add classes to app.php and it all works with namespacing. Big thanks to @abdus for the help!
  4. I've added this to both app.php which loads the Class file, now it throws a new error saying that the class isn't found but it says that it's looking for the class in the template itself, instead of app.php it was looking for it before (the structure I noted above in my original post). Really trying to figure this out but it's throwing new errors and I'm doing some very basic things...
  5. Alright- I've done that but I still get an issue with "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wire()" when called inside a class. I'm stuck on that.
  6. I'm building a site that renders certain features using reusable classes. Unfortunately FileCompiler caches the files and my changes don't show up unless I clear the FileCompiler cache. On top of that, when I try to use the wire() function inside a class it throws a "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wire()". I've tried playing with ProcessWire namespacing, but have come up short. My files are structured as such: app.php - Is included in my templates and loads classes as they're called with spl_autoload_register. - classes/ExampleClass.class.php - Loaded by app.php Thanks!
  7. PW Version: 2.7.2 PageTable Version: 0.1.3 Settings: The proper parent page is selected (Tickets) where this is a General Admission ticket. Admin field type to display in admin: title Page behaviors are all set to 'Nothing' Thanks for the help!
  8. I am creating within the PageTable field and they are listed buy title. Can't get them to output on the front end either.
  9. I'm working on adding a page with ticket information via a PageTable however when I add a page it creates it as a child page but does not show up in the PageTable itself. I've tried several times, checked that the pages allow children, etc. I'm logged in as a superuser and should have no issues and have seen no warnings on why the information isn't saving. There are 4 PageTables on this page and none of them are taking new additions. Any insight?
  10. This is great. I am looking to find where in the page list it exists. I think that's possible with this plugin if I'm reading the documentation correctly.
  11. I'm wondering if it's possible for an Inputfield Dependency to get a value from an inputfield on another page. Example: In the Admin I want an interior page to check if it's in a page selector field on the home page. If it's selected in the page selector on the home page, show a field. I haven't seen anything that would allow this but I'm hoping it exists.