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  1. The culprit is ProDrafts. As soon as that was installed the image field started malfunctioning if it is outside of a FieldsetPage. So the FieldsetPage in PW version v3.0.77 and the current latest ProDrafts module v0.0.6 conflict.
  2. Yeah I am working on localhost with a fresh install but may have missed testing. This was more on me for not being more thorough. The DB Backups is a go-to as it makes keeping a backup of the DB in the file system fast and reliable while keeping it inside the Git repo I'm working on. Helps coordinate the entire state of the code & CMS in one commit. @adrian I will look into those- good suggestion!
  3. Alright. I re-stripped everything and it works. I'm going to go by one by one and test each module until I find the culprit. Will post if/when I can nail that down.
  4. I did do that when I reinstalled to the latest dev. The only non-default module I have installed besides that is DB Backups so that I can jump around and test without losing info or work. I am trying again now.
  5. My issue is that if a FieldsetPage is within the same tab as an image field, the image field won't upload. The image field is outside of the FieldsetPage. If my image field is inside a FieldsetPage, it works fine like yours does.
  6. I'm out of ideas... installing/uninstalling that module made the difference for me. Is there anything else that could be doing it? A combination of things?
  7. Final Update: I reinstalled 3.0.77 and went module by module. The issue is caused by using the new Fieldset (Page) module. I was really looking forward to using this new feature. Unfortunately enabling that module has an effect on image fields within tabs. I was using a Fieldset (Page) field in the same tab however moving it outside of that tab group did not solve the issue. Something that still has to be worked on I guess. Can also confirm that by uninstalling this module, the issue disappears. Bummed. This Fieldset (Page) module looks fantastic. Thanks everyone for their help!
  8. Thanks. Will do. I wasn't too far into building out the cms so I started over. It does seem like ProDrafts would be the most likely culprit.
  9. I've done many PW sites never an issue really an odd bug. Running a Docker instance with PHP7 & MariaDB 10.
  10. Can't find anything out of the ordinary and the file shows up in the page assets file.
  11. I'm checking and don't see anything out of the ordinary with respect to the other data around it. Then again I'm not 100% sure what to look for.
  12. I don't believe so. I also downgraded to 3.0.76 just in case updating the core created an issue. Here is a list of my modules: FieldtypePhone FieldtapeRepeaterMatrix FieldtypeSelect FieldtypeTable FieldtyupeTextareas InputfieldCKEditor MarkupSEO MarkupSitemapXML PageEditSoftLock PageListShowPageId PasswordForceChange ProcessDatabaseBackups ProcessPageDelete ProcessRedirects ProcessWireUpgrade ProDrafts TemplateNotes TextformatterAutoLinks VersionControl
  13. Hey everyone, I have an images field that is located within a Fieldset in Tab. When I add images it appears to upload them but when I publish the page they disappear. Here are some more details. The images are actually added (uploaded) to the page's asset directory but don't show up in the admin and aren't accessible from the API. Moving the field to the Content tab does not show the previously uploaded images, but it does allow you to add/upload images and they appear correctly. If you've entered images on the Content tab and move the field back to the other Fieldset in Tab, the images entered on the Content tab remain and are accessible via the API I've set and unset options for size requirements, for it's Formatted output value, etc. I have deleted the field, created a new one, and added it back to the tab- same issue. Basically tried everything I can think of and haven't run into this before. *Update* - Just found that the field doesn't work inside a regular Fieldset either. I'm out of ideas. Running PW v3.0.77
  14. @Soma you have just saved me. Thank you.