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  1. PW Version: 2.7.2 PageTable Version: 0.1.3 Settings: The proper parent page is selected (Tickets) where this is a General Admission ticket. Admin field type to display in admin: title Page behaviors are all set to 'Nothing' Thanks for the help!
  2. I am creating within the PageTable field and they are listed buy title. Can't get them to output on the front end either.
  3. I'm working on adding a page with ticket information via a PageTable however when I add a page it creates it as a child page but does not show up in the PageTable itself. I've tried several times, checked that the pages allow children, etc. I'm logged in as a superuser and should have no issues and have seen no warnings on why the information isn't saving. There are 4 PageTables on this page and none of them are taking new additions. Any insight?
  4. This is great. I am looking to find where in the page list it exists. I think that's possible with this plugin if I'm reading the documentation correctly.
  5. I'm wondering if it's possible for an Inputfield Dependency to get a value from an inputfield on another page. Example: In the Admin I want an interior page to check if it's in a page selector field on the home page. If it's selected in the page selector on the home page, show a field. I haven't seen anything that would allow this but I'm hoping it exists.