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  1. I've used Authy and it was really quite straightforward to implement.
  2. Very nice site - good to look at and functional too - Well done!
  3. Pleased to say I found the solution to my problem - in the end it wasn't an issue with this module, it was some other code that I had on my site which was echoing to the output stream. I have now removed that errant code and all is now fine.
  4. I am using this on one of my sites to export csv via the api and it all works fine except I am getting some spurious code at the start of each csv file - i.e: <script> var config = {"urls":{"root":"\/pw\/" </script> Can anyone help with where this might be coming from, I've done a search everywhere I can think of and can't find it. Many thanks
  5. Very nice - very smooth performance.
  6. Anyone got any ideas on this one? - it's really frustrating me now as everything else is working fine but I just can't find a way around this issue.
  7. I'm developing a test site using the latest version of Processwire and making use of the front end editing which works superbly, however, I've hit a problem with selecting via a dropdown Here's the scenario - my supplier page has a country field --- this actually displays the title field for my country template. This all works fine - I have the field enclosed within edit tags as per below <edit field="country"> <?php echo $supplier->country->title; ?> </edit> This displays the current country name for the supplier. When I double click on the country name displayed, it opens a dialog and lets me choose the required country from the drop down list within the dialog - this all works fine. However when I click the Save button on the dialog, the dialog closes and I am returned to the supplier update page, all fine, but the supplier country is now still showing the original value and not the new value I chose in the dialog. I'm sure all it needs is a small bit of ajax but I've been playing with this for several hours now so I thought I would ask on here to see if someone could provide an answer for me. Many thanks ps: I'm sure it's probably just me missing something...
  8. Firstly - Kongondo - thanks for another great module. I have been working on this all day and I have the form working well on the frontend, I can upload images and other files and I can see the upload progress etc on screen which is great and exactly what I've been looking for. Where I've hit a brick wall for the last 3-4 hours though is I can't work out how to attach this to a field on one of my templates. I have a template where I want to have a field which will allow users to upload images or files via the frontend. I have some other fields in the template too (normal text fields for description etc) and I have had those working for a long time - what I can't work out is how do I take the files uploaded via this jQuery module and add them to the files field in my template??? Any help gratefully received..
  9. Some of my users are reporting an issue where they click on the link to activate Fredi, and instead of getting the form in a dialog box, they are presented with just a blank dialog box (they see the spinner but then just a blank box). I can see further back in this thread that there was a similar issue a long time ago but I assume that has now been solved. I've tried it on multiple devices and browsers here and have only managed to reproduce the problem once (on that occasion clearing the browser cache solved the problem but I've asked my users who have the problem to do this and in some cases it has solved the problem but in some cases the problem then recurs the next time they click the Fredi link. Any thoughts on what might be going wrong are welcome. My code to call fredi is: <a onclick='fredi.modal("http://www.aaa.com/processwire/fredi-field-edit/?id=<?php echo $mypage->id; ?>&frediFields=title|post_description|linked_ruins|post_images|hashtag&hideTabs=children|delete|settings&modal=1"); return false;' href="http://www.aaa.com/processwire/fredi-field-edit/?id=<?php echo $mypage->id; ?>&frediFields=title|post_description|linked_ruins|post_images|hashtag&hideTabs=children|delete|settings&modal=1" >Click here to add a new image</a> I've changed the domain name in the posted code as the site owners don't want their domain open to the public yet.
  10. Hantsweb

    DigitalOcean VPS

    I have one client currently on a Digital Ocean VPS and their site seems to perform well and with no problems.
  11. I used to use phpdesigner but these days tend to use codeanywhere.com
  12. Couple of things spring to mind. 1. Are you actually publishing the pages as well as saving them - by default saved pages are set to be unpublished --- if the page is set to unpublished then even though it exists you will not be able to see it via a url. Easiest way to check is look in the pages tree, the page title should show as bold text -- if it has a line through it but it is bold then that's fine, it just means you've not checked the box to have the page appear in menus and/or searches. 2.Have you checked in the templates directory that there is a php file with the same name as the template your page is using. If this php file is not present then the page will not display. Hope that helps
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