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  1. Thanks a lot for your help @elabx Is there any way I can directly save the form entries as contact on Mautic without using Zapier ?
  2. Can anyone help with PW form to integrate with Mautic for marketing automation or that matter using Zapier to connect ?
  3. I am trying to add "layout manager" plugin to a CKEditor. Field is named as "Extra_plugin". I have uploaded the unzipped files in plugin folder of CKEditor inside site folder, enabled check box, added the name in toolbar. But on the Processwire page I am getting only the title of the field.There was one 404 error at "/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/ckeditor-4.4.6/plugins/basewidget/plugin.js?t=2015030801.143". So I checked "wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins" there was only three folders named "pwlink, pwimage, sourcedialog". Then I uploaded layout manager as well as dependencies here also. Now there is no error. But still the field is blank. Also in firebug, style appears as visibility hidden on textarea. Please help me. Regards Rajesh Khanna
  4. Hello, I completely renamed the module directory but even after doing so the page showed 404 rather than showing error. Also, all the existing pages are viewable except for the new pages getting created.
  5. Hello Sir, thanks for your assistance. please find below code which i wrote to test if the page is viewable or not . I got page is viewable and user has the permission to view the page for both guest and admin but still once i go through the url i get 404. $page_is_created = wire("pages")->get("url/of/the/page"); if($page_is_created->viewable())echo "{$page_is_created->id} : page is viewable"; else echo "Page is not viewable"; if($user->hasPermission('page-view', $page_is_created)) { echo "Yes"; }
  6. Hello , We are developing a website where we have been facing a 404 Error on all new pages those are getting created. We are able to view all the pages those are already created. When we create a new page and try to access the page we get 404 , but we can access all the fields of the page in another page. Url of the page is also correct. Below are the troubleshooting steps we tried but failed to resolve the issue : a) We had procache enabled , so we were having the modifed .htaccess , we changed our .htaccess to original version didtributed alongwith processwire. b) We tried deleting few pages and then recreating them but didnot help in resolution. c) We also tried changing the server but it also didnot resolve the issue. * Rememeber the status of page is publish. Please assist in resolving the issue
  7. I have used AIOM on all website which have been developed by us on processwire. Recently one of our site started to throw error and it was working fine tilll few days ago.Error is " Error: Exception: The combined js file can not be written. Check if the script has sufficient permissions ". We tried allowing the module permission with 777 and also changed the permission in the config file and have failed.AIOM is able to create file but is not able to write anything in that file. We are using AIOM version 3.2.1 on Processwire 2.5.3. Thanks
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