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  1. but is there any option to automate it. such as "add .html to url" ?)))
  2. How to add .html to all links. For example i have page "news" and i want it to be available at "news.html" and if i go next level i got "news/my-fist-post.html" thanks a lot.
  3. I can't find out this "bug" $query = 'template=shop_item,item_category=1101'; $items = $pages->findMany($query); echo count($items); if user is logged in. The result is 1, But if not the result is 0.
  4. I just copied contents of file admin.php in templates directory Even if i write: require($config->paths->modules . 'AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/controller.php'); Result is the same.
  5. So no one knows how to fix...???
  6. I created custom admin page with link in top menu and set template for it. But opening it has another admin theme, not like is used in core admin pages. So here is two screen shots. Does anybody know how to solve it. And one more thing)) I included just small peace of code in this custom template for my admin page: <?php namespace ProcessWire; require($config->paths->adminTemplates . 'controller.php'); Thanks for advice!
  7. Thanks a lot but can you give an example code! please!!!
  8. Thanks. And how to use it? Create same classes in my module and use them?
  9. Hi all. I'm creating module and it needs to create some actions in admin panel to work correct. So it would be great if somebody tell my how to do some things below using api (___install() method): create fields put fields to template Thanks
  10. thanks but this is not what i mean. it's better to be done with hook, so i won't need to give title even using api.
  11. how to make that every new page created has title the same as pageid.
  12. Wordpress: Broken plugins, missing sidebar and widgets gone after migration https://t.co/j07wekoLmX

  13. Does anybody knows how to set default bookmark loaded when opening custom page with processPageLister?
  14. Wordpress: Broken plugins, missing sidebar and widgets gone after migration https://t.co/j07wekoLmX

  15. Can't create category (( Invalid value sent to Page::setTemplate
  16. After installing module on 2.6.20 dev only superuser can login without getting blank page or error. (( And applying rules makes nothing. Please help!
  17. I have option fieldtype with 4 elements. Many pages has this field type. On another page i want to be able to select items from pages where this option fieldtype presents using asm select. And it would be easier that when i need to select page i'll see not only {title} but better {title}-{option.title}. So here what i got: Manager name - <ul><li>option selected</li></ul>. That's no got. And the question as i see is how to remove any html tag from cutom output label format for option fieldtype. Thanks a lot. Here is screenshots to better understand
  18. Hi all. Cound anybody tell me how to generate map if for items if have not subpages but fieldtype repeater with "map field". So there is no "pages object". found here --> https://processwire.com/talk/topic/9711-map-marker-map/?view=findpost&p=96787
  19. Thanks. All is works!!! But it's maybe usefull to know for how to get wire('pages')
  20. Thanks!!! but this code not works. I think it's because of $this->pages $newSortedPages = $page->itemsList; $i = 0; foreach($newSortedPages as $id){ $item = $this->pages->get($id); $item->sort = $i; $item->save(); $i++; }
  21. Get the fields data! = how??
  22. Because this field will not use only on parent page. And i can't find out how to get post values to my fieldtype(page) after page saved (
  23. I need to save order for elements in global tree after using "page" fieldtype in other page. It's better to look on image attacheted to understand. I wish to know the better and easiest way to solve it or <code> example ! Thanks
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