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  1. Sorry, I still can't figure it out. All the descriptions are not displayed as HTML. A can't update Menu Item, or anything else. Does anyone have a hint for me to solve this?
  2. Hey, thanks for your fast reply. I attached a screenshot with my current setup. You are right, the page is multilingual. Maybe you cna give me a hint, how I can solve this? It seems, that the HTML is not rendered correctly. I tried to edit the HTML of the decription field and put Markdon tags in the description, which are displayed correct.
  3. Hey kongondo, thanks for thi great module again. A few days ago I figured out, that the output of the main menu builder header is not formated in html. Maybe it has to do with some other modules installed, because I never had the issue, that the output is not "rendered" as HTML. Does anyone else have this issue, too?
  4. Hi, is there a possibility to have multiple marker icons? Right now I have "locations" pages, that belong to a category. Depending on the category I want to show different marker icons. echo $map->render($locations, 'geo', array( 'icon' => $icon, 'markerTitleField' => 'title', 'useMarkerSettings' => true, 'fitToMarkers' => true )); Thanks for any help.
  5. Hey Sebii, thanks for your help, but I could not figure it out. foreach($product->image as $image) { $image->tags = "tag1 tag2"; $page->images->add($image->url); } $product->imgae is an external array of images. It has nothing to do with the page images. So there is nothing like $image->tags.
  6. Hey, I would like to add tags to an image field upload via api. Does anybody have some information on that? im using the following code to update images on a page. # remove images if(count($page->images)) { $page->images->deleteAll(); $page->save(); } # upload images foreach($product->image as $image) { $page->images->add($image->url); $page->images->tags = ? // not working } $page->save(); During Page Update the backend says: Session: Item 'tags' set to ProcessWire\Pageimages is not an allowed type Thanks for help.
  7. Hey kongondo, Thank you very much for this great module. Currently I am using it to buil ddropdown navigations and I would like to know if there is somethin planne like an "active trail" (class names) for the parent list items. for e.g. - Blog (active trail) - Blog Post (active) thanks for any information.
  8. @steevooo If it is just about storing local configurations you can also use config-dev.php in your sites folder and put this file in the .gitignore https://processwire.com/api/variables/config/
  9. Thank you! Your were right about the field renaming. Using PW 2.7.2. by the way. Works like charm.
  10. Thanks a lot for this modules. I used it in several projects and it always worked fine for me. Today I ran into a strange bug. The Image Extra fields don't seem to be created in the database. When I check the orientation field, or any other extra field it says: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'field_backgroundImages.orientation' in 'field list' during page creation. I looked up the the corresponding mysql table and yes, there is no field created. could this be connected with the multilingual support? I set up a multilingual site on which english is not the default lang. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hy there, Great Module! I use "AIOM" in conjunction with "Template Engine Factory". The HTML minify function ist not working, if i have both modules installed. Maybe it it because the minify process is hooked to Page::render and not to Templatefile::render?
  12. Hi everybody, First of all: Thanks to everybody for keeping the community alive. Every time I search for something in the forum I find the solution. Great work! I wanted to share a small module with you / my first one. I use it in order to switch the user language on page load. Processwire GeoInfo GeoInfo is a small module that Implements Geoplugin PHP web service. Please donate to "geoplugin.com" in order to keep the service alive. The Module ads two methods to retrieve data from the web service. $page->GeoInfoIP('IP ADDRESS'); you can enter the ip address manually. If left blank the server remote address will be used. The retrieved data is then stored to the active session, in order to limit the requests. The web service gives back following data. 'geoplugin_request' 'geoplugin_status' 'geoplugin_credit' 'geoplugin_city' 'geoplugin_region' 'geoplugin_areaCode' 'geoplugin_dmaCode' 'geoplugin_countryCode' 'geoplugin_countryName' 'geoplugin_continentCode' 'geoplugin_latitude' 'geoplugin_longitude' 'geoplugin_regionCode' 'geoplugin_regionName' 'geoplugin_currencyCode' 'geoplugin_currencySymbol' 'geoplugin_currencySymbol_UTF8' 'geoplugin_currencyConverter' for e.g. $page->GeoInfoIP('IP ADDRESS')->geoplugin_countryCode; will give back the country iso code. $page->GeoInfoLatLong('LAT', 'LONG'); Enter Latitude and Longitude in order to get following information: 'geoplugin_place' 'geoplugin_countryCode' 'geoplugin_region' 'geoplugin_regionAbbreviated' 'geoplugin_latitude' 'geoplugin_longitude' 'geoplugin_distanceMiles' 'geoplugin_distanceKilometers' for e.g. $page->GeoInfoLatLong('40.712784', '-74.005941'); will give back the city name "New York City". Todo store places in json file / check if place exists implement nearby "service" https://bitbucket.org/pmichaelis/processwire-geoinfo
  13. Hey everybody, I think the permission to manage files is missing in the module config. I added this line in "getModuleInfo" order to grant access for non-admin users: 'permission' => 'manage-files',
  14. Hey totoff, thanks for your fast reply on that. Do you mean it's a user problem, because the files belong not to the "www-data" user?
  15. Hello Everybody, after I moved to a new server yesterday, processwire always logs me out of the admin page. If i click on an menu item in the backend sometimes it takes me to the clicked page, sometimes I get redirected to the login page. Does this has anything to with the session handling? I think after the migration something is wrong with the file permissions. I deleted the old session files. After that I wanted to delete the AIOM cache, but that throws the error below: Error: Exception: The permissions (chmod) to delete old cache files could not be changed. (in /var/www/public/site/modules/ProcessWire-AIOM-All-In-One-Minify-AIOM-/AllInOneMinify.module line 646) #0 /var/www/public/site/modules/ProcessWire-AIOM-All-In-One-Minify-AIOM-/AllInOneMinify.module(837): AllInOneMinify::_clearCache(true) #1 /var/www/public/wire/core/Wire.php(411): AllInOneMinify::ClearCacheFromBackend(Object(HookEvent)) #2 /var/www/public/wire/core/Wire.php(344): Wire->runHooks('render', Array) #3 /var/www/public/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module(171): Wire->__call('render', Array) #4 /var/www/public/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module(171): Page->render() #5 [internal function]: ProcessPageView->___execute(true) the asstes directory has a 755 permission, aswell as the sessions, aiom and cache directory Thanks for any hints on that topic!
  16. Yep, you are right. I didn't have this problem before. Maybe it occurs rarely. Anyway, thanks for helping.
  17. The "session.save_handler" was set to "user", but must be set to "files". DONE Many thanks for help!
  18. Hello SiNNuT, thanks for your quick reply! I removed the install.php manually after the installation process, but the error still exsists. Do you mean it might be a good idea to check if there are some old files with the same name (install.php) located anywhere else? I havo no clue ...
  19. Hey Everybody, As I was trying to move an exsisting site form my local dev (xampp) to a production server, the following error appeared: Error: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: /usr/local/www/services/.../data/tmp) (line 103 of /home/.../html/wire/core/Session.php) This error message was shown because /install.php still exists. Error has been logged. I searched the forum for help, but the only related topic I could find is this one: Problems with ProcessWire on Cloud Hosting https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5089-problems-with-processwire-on-cloud-hosting/ The thread says, that it might have something to do with some isses in the master branch of pw. So I downloaded the dev branch (2.4), and made a fresh install. There are no problems with the requirements, nor with mod_rewrite. In the last installation step, after the admin user creation the error message from above appears again. Is it usual, that pw creates a tmp/data diretory? I changed the file permissions for the assets and changed the htaccess, but still there is no change. Thanks for any hints on that. And thnaks for that lovely CMS
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