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  1. I'm sorry but this is going outside this forum scope, I suggest you study php, these are basic issues.
  2. you are sending 'search' which is null, you have to send q
  3. I got this error during install (pw 3.0.159 dev) Edit: apparently I solved updating to the latest dev version 3.0.160
  4. Hi, it's ok, it was just the fact that github was down and I didn't notice it, so I thought you kind removed the module for some reason / imminent update, sorry 🙂
  5. Ops, didn't check github itself...thanks 🙂
  6. Any update? I can't download the module, even from github, it's no longer available?
  7. you can try to create the child page only after the parent is saved, like so: // create parent $p = new Page(); $p->template = 'basic-page'; $p->parent = $pages->get(1234); $p->title = 'Parent Page'; if($p->save()){ // create child $c = new Page(); $c->template = 'child-template'; $c->parent = $p;// new parent above $c->title = 'Child Page'; $c->save(); }
  8. hey @horst it's possible to override the smtp settings and use values on the fly while creating a wiremail instance? I have 3 different emails I need to use in my site. Thanks
  9. It's just a simple page creation $mainNode = $pages->get(1030); $today = date("Ymd"); $checkToday = $pages->get("name=$today"); if( !$checkToday->id ){ $td = new Page(); $td->parent = $mainNode; $td->template = $templates->get("day"); $td->title = $today; $td->save(); } and in my admin I call the panel which is that code It's a fresh PW install 3.0.148 wire()->addHookAfter('Dashboard::getPanels', function ($event) { $panels = $event->return; $panels->add([ 'panel' => 'template', 'title' => 'Excel import', 'size' => 'full', 'icon' => 'upload', 'data' => [ 'template' => 'dashboard/dashb_import.php' ] ]); });
  10. Hi @d'Hinnisdaël I'm using the module in all my projects now, very well done. Just one issue or something I missed to configure, when I'm using the template panel in which I need to create some pages based on buttons action I got PW fatar error class Page not found.
  11. Awesome module, I'm testing it right away for a small project I'm working on, keep rocking!
  12. At this point I think that something inside the DB is broken or so because the code is fine and always worked even in other applications, yes probably is something related with the roles because it happens only to non admin users and it happens also on logout where there is no login code involved. It is very strange, I also made a test displaying the current user language just before the logout with any issue and during logout I got the error $language undefined for the current user.... I like to be precise on what's happening by telling the users where is the problem instead of generic login error messages.
  13. I just tried with no luck, it seemed a reasonable solution 😞 get the same error when I perform session->logout()..but I don't understand, the user has the default language set...how can be null and why only non admin user? Good question lol
  14. after few more debugs I found out the issue Error: Call to a member function isDefault() on null in /home/iltuopre/public_html/wire/core/PagesLoaderCache.php:237 Any idea what is it?
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