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  1. meanwhile I contacted the sys admin and it looks like there is some server misconfiguration we can't fix yet, when I upload the zip I found out that I cannot rename it, probably that's why the installer is stuck...but I was able to install a fresh PW..btw right now i can't show you the steps since we deleted everything and making tests
  2. Hello, thanks @Autofahrn that solved the problem but I still have an issue and I think it depends on the fact I'm running on a windows server with IIS (I reverted to php 7.3.13). While a fresh install of the latest PW is going well, the install from duplicator doesn't, I'm stuck in the extraction of the package, it looks like the $_SESSION['package'] returns null at this point but right after the extraction the session was ok, in fact I saw the name of the package in the previous step. Any thoughts? $this->package = $_SESSION['package']; if(is_null($this->package)) { $this->err("Something went wrong in the installer."); //ATO: Typo return false; }
  3. Hello, I have and issue with php 7.4 about a deprecated function get_magic_quotes_gpc() used inside the installer.php...any quick fix ? Thanks in advance
  4. hey @bernhard is this module still usable with latest PW? thanks
  5. I'd like to add extra markup to a specific inputfield text in the admin using a module, I tried an hook like this but pw says the method doesn't exist $this->addHookBefore('Inputfield::render', $this, "addMarkup"); protected function addMarkup($event){ $Inputfield = $event->object; if($Inputfield->attr('name') == "myfieldname"){ $Inputfield->setMarkup([ 'item_content' => "my markup" ]); } }
  6. thanks, that's great, I will add the code and test it
  7. thanks for the quick reply. I have 2 parameters , api Client ID and api Client Secret of a rest api i'm accessing to retrieve some data. I insert those values manually one time. Now, when I use the API I'm getting in return another value, a PolicyKey (for another request) that I need to store for 6 days until it changes again, so I would like to store this value with the other two in the settings panel and I cannot insert it manually
  8. Hello @Macrura, great module. Can you please tell me a way to store a setting value using API instead of writing it in the setting page manually? thanks
  9. thanks @MoritzLost @adrian I know uppercase chars are bad but unfortunately the client wants few urls in that way as per documentation that I cannot change or discuss... can't do anything about it...
  10. as per client need I have to implement some special urls with upper case characters, is there a way to do it? Thanks
  11. sorry, this issue is not related to the multiple instances, it was broken even before, with one page lister and i forgot to write a post about it and got in my mind now
  12. cool...it works now, thanks. Since we are in the matter, the actions on each page, like "lock", "unpub" or "trash"... don't work, I got an alert with "undefined"
  13. this module is amazing...lots of possibilities, thanks. One quick...there is a way to add more than 2 page-list panels? I tried but it seems ignoring the second one, it clones the content of the first one.
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