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  1. Are there already European developers implementing GDPR in their websites ? The European regulation will be obliged by 28/05/2018. What is it? It will be obliged to encrypt all personal data fields (name, email, phone, address, ... ) from users, and communicate about it. It would be interesting to implement an encryption setting for fields, just like the password field. That way all data in a database will be useless, unless you have a decryption key. I Think it's some stuff to think about, too meet the European regulation and to make Processwire even more secure.
  2. Hi, I want to test this module but I have multiple errors with an install on the latest master version of Processwire (3.0.61): (the solution of @netcarver worked!) Next I have an error on line 533 in de WireQueue.module ( Call to undefined function wireMkdir()) : I changed it "wireMkdir()" to mkdir() When I want to make a Queue and I select a wire_queue_type and save it I get this error: Error saving field "wire_queue_type" - Page 1031 is not valid for wire_queue_type (Page 1031 does not have required parent 1016) Can someone help me with this, or is there a new version on his way?
  3. Peejay

    Hi mrkhan, You have to fill-in "ar" in the arabic name field on the home page.
  4. Hi, I wan't to send a generated PDF with in an email attachment. To sent the email, I have to generate and save the PDF file. I' don't need it afterwards, zo I want to remove the generated PDF after some time. In the documentation i found there's a tempDir() method, but I can't get it to work. I use the dompdf library to generate a PDF This is my current test code: $dompdf = new Dompdf(); $dompdf->loadHtml('hello world'); // (Optional) Setup the paper size and orientation $dompdf->setPaper('A4', 'landscape'); // Render the HTML as PDF $dompdf->render(); $wireTempDir = files()->tempDir('test'); $output = $dompdf->output('test.pdf'); file_put_contents($wireTempDir, $output);
  5. Peejay

    Before i push the website online I run all images true an image optimiser (app).
  6. Peejay

    I'm proud to present you: "The Crafters" Premium cocktails from Belgium! Enjoy! (Front-end build with
  7. When I take a look in a PW database I see this: pages are stored in “pages", templates are stored in “templates", sessions are stored in “sessions", forms are stored in "forms” (form builder), ... I want to make a website with a large catalog (1.5 million products). I don’t want that the products are stored in “pages” table in the database, but in the “products” table. Is this possible in PW? End will I maintain the same options, then when I store all products in “pages”? Some advice would be helpful! Kind Regards, Peejay
  8. Peejay

    Your solution worked! I wil see what happens when I place the website online. I found a little issue: The download link doesn't work when the secure fieldtype is used in the user template file. You get this link: {your site}admin/access/users/?id=41&ftsd=document_1.pdf (-> then you go to the users list) But when je place "edit" after users/, the download link works!: {your site}admin/access/users/edit/?id=41&ftsd=document_1.pdf Cheers!
  9. Peejay

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to set the "Email Body" in multiple languages?
  10. Peejay

    @Macrura, Thanks for your solution, it works!
  11. Peejay

    Hi, I only see the changes of my css file (templates/AdminCustomFiles/AdminThemeReno.css) when I'm logged-in as superuser, when I have an other roll I just see the default AdminThemeReno. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? *working with version: 3.0.59
  12. Peejay

    Hi all! Is it possible to use this module on your localhost (Mamp), for testing? Where do you place te folder? Cheers!
  13. Peejay

    Done! Thanks!
  14. Peejay

    Hi, I don't want to list pages that aren't listable by the current user in the menu. I fixt it by adding an if statement on line 192 of MarkupMenuBuilder.module: if($this->wire('pages')->get($m->pagesID)->listable()){ $menu->add($m); } Is there a better way to do this? In a hook or a setting that I have missed?
  15. Peejay

    Never mind, There's something wrong with the css of semantic-ui. It's not an processwire / module issue.