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  1. RT @hwinkler4real: GARRY MARSHALL Rest In Peace .. Thank you for my professional life. Thank you for your loyalty , friendship and generosi…

  2. Unstoppable @zeldman: https://t.co/7pl452Uo6K

  3. Anche con il freddo di oggi il Parco Tivoli è fenomenale. https://t.co/m5zxtO8BUw

  4. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy this 30 min. reading article about Minecraft. https://t.co/ft1MM5RItT

  5. "Show your deep understanding of bugs. Declare them as undocumented features and live a happy life." https://t.co/GlRc8l3GDv

  6. Joshua Davis is always on my mind https://t.co/QMDSwmRjUu

  7. hi kongondo, which version do you use? Try upgrade to 1.1.2: apeisa already solved that bug.
  8. who redesigned the national trust? https://t.co/ythduKVYn0 Great work indeed.

  9. i bambini mi chiamano "Maestro". https://t.co/2YwhMfOKDD

  10. Attenzione: alcuni buoni consigli per il business https://t.co/97eZTptGm6

  11. Hey there, anyone having problems with paypal redirection? After payment with paypal, customer is not redirected to my site. I try to replicate the steps with my paypal sandbox: I add a product to shopping cart on checkout page I choose paypal method (already selected) I access paypal with my fake customer account and pay message saying "payment completed" appears I'M NOT REDIRECTED TO MY DEMO SITE (http://padloper.marcoangeli.net/return) My browser's url is the following: http://padloper.marc...yment/?failure= and the message in the body: The page isn't redirecting properly Strange behaviour, because I set my paypal facilitator account (seller) with apeisa's info (https://www.padloper...157/capture.jpg). On paypal sandbox is all OK: money is transferred from customer to seller. On Padloper the new order is missing; furthermore the item's quantity remains the same. Any suggestions?
  12. Designing for clients? Little tricks may help https://t.co/WYKF40Yce5

  13. hi apeisa, I'm really interested in Padloper, I think it has great potentiality. Could you please tell me what does it mean soon to you? I'm testing Padloper, but as you know clients want work to be done for yesterday... Also, it would be a GREAT thing to have pdf invoice sent to the client after purchase. When could it be implemented? Last thing: what do you recommend? I'm on a demo site. Should I uninstall Padloper and related modules and reinstall the new version or go for an upgrade? Thanks apeisa!
  14. Hi apeisa, just testing with a fresh install (pw 2.7.2) but I think I made something wrong... I'm stuck at point 5 of "installing padloper": adding checkout process here's the error message on my checkout page: Error: Exception: Method PadOnePageCheckout::setInvoiceMode does not exist or is not callable in this context (in /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/wire/core/Wire.php line 358) #0 [internal function]: Wire->___callUnknown('setInvoiceMode', Array) #1 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/wire/core/Wire.php(398): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #2 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/wire/core/Wire.php(333): Wire->runHooks('callUnknown', Array) #3 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/wire/core/Wire.php(337): Wire->__call('callUnknown', Array) #4 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/wire/core/Wire.php(337): PadOnePageCheckout->callUnknown('setInvoiceMode', Array) #5 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/site/templates/checkout.php(13): Wire->__call('setInvoiceMode', Array) #6 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/site/templates/checkout.php(13): PadOnePageCheckout->setInvoiceMode(true) #7 /home/marcoang/public_html/pwshop/wire/core/TemplateFile.php(182): require('/home/marcoang/...') #8 [internal function]: TemplateFile->___render() #9 I'm using this code in checkout.php (not using delayed output): $checkout = $modules->get("PadOnePageCheckout"); $checkout->setInvoiceMode(true); $checkout->setShippingModule("ShippingFixed"); echo $content = $checkout->render(); Also, in point 7 (Customizing the customer information) you state: "Go into template => padorder"...but there's no padorder template in my install. I only have padshipping and padshipping_rate (and, of course, basic-page, checkout, home) Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Hi there, does anybody know if padloper can have inventory control on products? When the stock gets to zero, customers will see an "out of stock" message and they will not be able to buy the product.
  16. ...first I used Coda, then switched to Sublime Text, and now happily using Brackets: you should give it a try!
  17. sorry to bump twice... ...no one noticed the strange behaviour about the chronological order? suggestions?
  18. ...just a quick edit : <?php $num = count($page->comments); echo "<p>Page has $num Comments</p>"; ?>
  19. hi there, I'm testing the comment system and noticed a strange behaviour about the chronological order. Let's say users posted three comments on the public page: comment A comment B comment C now from my backoffice I manually delete comment B. If a user posts a new comment (comment D) it doesn't follow the chronological order (going to the last position), but instead it goes in the second position: comment A comment D comment C Also, is there a simple way to check if user submits a valid email address? UPDATE: I noticed this check is already set! Thanks!
  20. I can confirm that Chris workaround saved my life. Thanks Chris for your suggestion and thanks formmailer for this useful module!
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