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  1. universal automatic computer: http://t.co/4YIdRv0JpB

  2. great news, Matthew! Do you plan to release a preview?
  3. hey, sakkoulas and WillyC, thanks for your quick reply!
  4. Hi everybody, is there a way to work online with a fresh install and at the same time prevent visits to the new site? For example, in expression engine there's a "system offline" mode: only admins and members can view the site, all the other people get a "coming soon" message. Thanks!
  5. I was looking for old Hotels images in N.Y, I found this: http://t.co/TeZqusfibY

  6. Hi Alessio, good idea! I'm pretty new to processwire (discovered one week ago...still dealing with the default templates) but an italian community would be great! I come from Expression Engine, and I really begin to appreciate the possibilities with this cms. ciao! Marco
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