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  1. It’s a rather complex thing. We have 7 base types: Text, Teaserbox, Image(s), Video, Divider, Bike Teaser, Download(s), each of which comes with some additional options for the rendering in the template. I don’t know what the "depth" feature is The menu is rather simple, I add the bike images via javascript later, the rest is pretty much a standard menu.
  2. Why not? We thought it looked good and shows the expandability ;-) No, the configurator is a separate application which is tightly connected to the internal "Warenwirtschaftssystem". It’s done by a different company.
  3. Velotraum is a small German manufacturer, building rather costly, individually manufactured bicycles for both globetrotters and everyday bikers. We use RepeaterMatrix for long structured texts, and we use a lot of individual fields for metadata. We even built our own "preview" function for blog comments and included Textile light for blog comments, too. Have a look: velotraum.de
  4. @louisstephens Thank you for your thoughts! Sure, I could use these "nested" queries to gather a "global comments array", which I would to sort by "created" afterwards. But these are too many steps and seems not very performance efficient.
  5. I came up with a pretty "close-to-the-metal" solution. Not perfect, but seems to work: $comments = $database->query('SELECT * FROM field_comments ORDER BY created DESC'); foreach($comments as $c) { // $c is an array with raw database values of those comments }
  6. Hi there! I need to gather a list of all comments, regardless of the parent page of each comment. Is there a global $comments object, which can do this? Something like: foreach($comments->find('sort=-created') as $comment) { // show comment } I did not find anything similar in the forums. Can someone help me?
  7. I’m using the core-embedded TextformatterMarkdownExtra module, but I do not like the autolinking of URLs. Can it be turned off somehow, or do I have to install a custom Textformatter plugin which has this option turned off?
  8. We’ll give the LinkChecker Module a try, once the site is online. Thanks for your help so far!
  9. Very interesting! I will think about that – this ist super-helpful!
  10. I’m searching for a proper solution for the following problem: My client has a lot of pages with internal links. We do not use CK Editor but a standard textarea with Markdown and some Hanna Code. We even have a Hanna Code for internal links, like so [[link id="42" text="Some internal page"]] Anyway. My client does not want to have broken internal links, so he asked me either "Before I delete a page, it would be nice to know if this page is linked from any other page within the system." or "Is there a link checker/crawler module, which detects broken internal links in and which I can fire up globally in the admin" Has anyone similiar problems? How would you solve this? Cheers, /Gerrit
  11. Thanks Nikosch, I dropped some lines in the github repo. Maybe you have a look. I see great potential for this module!
  12. Choosing ProcessWire over WordPress every single time.

  13. Hi Nikosch, splendid approach – we are going to use this for a big image database that our client wants to use in their CMS. Of course, I have some ideas for improving Where should I put those? Is your github repo the right place? Or just here in the forum?
  14. I get an error message because there is no fancybox present in PW 3.0 ...
  15. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Plus, the ability to habe fix aspect ratios like 16:9, 4:3 oder 3:2 (in addition to fixed pixel sizes)
  16. I use PHP-based Hanna Code snippets for embedding certain fields from certain pages on other pages. Now I stumbled upon the fact that you cannot render fields within a Hanna Code when the Hanna Code Textformatter is applied to that field. The result is a broken output where only a small part of the page is being rendered. How can I achieve those "recursive Hanna Codes"?
  17. On the popular gaming plattform PlayCatan (http://playcatan.com/), we use Processwire as CMS for all help pages, FAQ, game manuals and news. The contents are embedded as single pages via colorbox.js and iFrames, so the do not interfere with a potentially running Canvas game. We use Markdown and some custom tricks for the content editors. So far it is a great pleasure
  18. Cannot embed Form Builder on a secondary language page? If you are using Form Builder in an multi-language environment, using LanguageSupportPageNames, you’ll have to make sure that the page "Form Builder", which is created automatically for you (and not to be confused with the Form Builder settings), also has an active translated "name". See screenshot:
  19. Please note that Page Link Abstractor does not work with Multi-Language Fields. It works entirely with strings and does not return a proper object with multiple languages at the end of the abstraction process. I’ve switched to Page History now, and I am looking forward to LinkMonitor. Hope this plugin will be able to change all links in all pages to the most recent version in page url history.
  20. Just for the record: I added Markdown compatibility as a fork of the original plugin: https://github.com/gerritvanaaken/PW2-PageLinkAbstractor
  21. @ryan: I understand your concerns, but I need an ID-based internal link system. This is not for launch/migration reasons, but for daily content business. My client will always be moving around pages in the site tree, so there will be changing URLs all the time (SEO is not a big issue here). So I’ll give it a try and advance your plugin to suit my needs!
  22. Works like a charm with plain HTML input or WYSIWYG! Though, It would be a killer if the plugin could detect Markdown link syntax as well! I could try to extend the plugin by myself, but surely Ryan has got better black magic Regex knowledge … Here is [a question of love](/faq/misc/what-is-love) and you can convert it to an ID.
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