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  1. I updated the site to the current master version 3.0.184 a week ago, and saw today, that I have the same entries again as in my first post: Date/Time User URL Text 15 hours ago 2022-01-26 17:32:48 guest 404/ rename: Rename to pathname ($newName) that already exists: /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt 15 hours ago 2022-01-26 17:32:48 guest 404/ unlink: Unable to unlink file: /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt 15 hours ago 2022-01-26 17:32:48 guest /404/ rename: Failed: /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt.new => /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt 15 hours ago 2022-01-26 17:32:47 guest /404/ rename: Failed: /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt.new => /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt 15 hours ago 2022-01-26 17:32:47 guest /404/ unlink: Unable to unlink file: /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt 7 days ago 2022-01-20 09:37:59 guest /404/ unlink: Unable to unlink file: /site/assets/logs/pagenotfound.txt Anyone has an idea what is going on?
  2. It's running pw 3.0.183 on IIS10, so a dev-Version. I remember that I updated it a few months ago and I think that's when it started. There are no log entries older than a few months ago. And there are only these kind of entries in the log. There is some custom code in error.php, but I don't remember it ever being an issue before. I'll update to 3.0.184 master as see if new entries get written. I'd still be curious to know, what these entries mean. What is PW trying to do?
  3. Hello I recently checked the logs of a site and found this in Logs->Files-errors What does that mean? These are the only kinds of errors in the this log.
  4. Hello there I stumbeled on an problem that keeps recurring infrequently. And I can not reproduce it. Sometimes when I try to upload images to an image-field (set to array), the upload itself works but the picture won't be displayed on the edit page. The name and dimensions of the image are correct, but the preview is just white. When I click on it for full-size I get the error "This image could not be loaded" When I click on the "This image" link I get a server error: "404 this file or directory could not be found". The file is properly uploaded and not corrupt. On the web server I can navigate to the asset file folder of that page and open the image in a browser. It's not a problem with the file itself. It happened with svgs, jpg and png of various dimensions and filesizes. It happened sometimes with the first file i tried to upload with it. The first time, it happended on a page where I already uploaded 10 pictures. Once the error occured this happens to any picture I try to upload on that page. When I click on "view" to see the php-page i get the same 404 error. Any idea what's going on? Is something corrupting a MySQL entry? I'm running ProcessWire 2.6.1 on a IIS Server
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