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  1. Hi @bernhard I tried to test and reproduce why this isn't working. When you install RockGrid and RockFinder from URL from Gitlab, then the RockGrid is downloaded and installed into a folder named "FieldtypeRockGrid". But RockFinder tries to look for files in a folder named "RockGrid". So Rockfinder tester isn't working and shows the error that I described and @mel47 also described. That's the first problem. You can solve it, if you download the zip file from gitlab, unzip it in your site/modules folder and remove the "-master" from the folder name, so the name of the folder is "RockGrid". The second problem is, that if your processwire installation is not in the root of the virtual host of Apache (for example in a subdirectory), then the URLs for loading RockGrid's assets isn't correct because it tries to load the files from the root and does not take the subdirectory into account. In one example installation I have two separate PW installations under the same virtual host but in different subdirectories (mydomain.localhost/pw1, mydomain.localhost/pw2). That might be the exact same problem that @mel47 has. If you open RockTester then it is trying to load http://mydomain.localhost/site/modules/RockGrid/plugins/cellHoverInfo.css instead of http://mydomain.localhost/pw1/site/modules/RockGrid/plugins/cellHoverInfo.css
  2. jmartsch

    @Jules Vau Yes, thats correct. The setting in site/config.php overwrites the one in the wire directory.
  3. Wow, I waited so long for something like this. I think this could push ProcessWire really forward. When do you plan to release? And will it be a paid module or a free one? Thank you for creating this.
  4. The problem was, that I did not rename the downloaded folder from Gitlab from "RockGrid-master" to "RockGrid". After doing this, it works
  5. I installed the module and RockFinder, but when calling "Rock Finder Tester" the SQL query works, but no grid is displayed. There is a JavaScript error in the console which looks like this: (index):205 Uncaught ReferenceError: RockGrid is not defined at initGrid_ProcessRockFinderResult ((index):205) at (index):216
  6. Thank you Bernhard for finally releasing this module. I can not wait to play with it and share improvements, if I have any. I really can think of many use cases where this grid would be mandatory because it offers so much possibilities.
  7. jmartsch

    I exactly think the same as Adrian.
  8. jmartsch

    Clapped. Also on Medium Thanks for your insights and the PageQueryBoss module looks promising. I think I have a use for it in the near future.
  9. I want to create a repeater field via API and add fields to it. I read that there is a property repeaterFields, but when I try to add a field it does not appear in the ProcessWire backend. I put this code into my tracy console: $fields->delete($fields->get('quiz_answers')); $fields->delete($fields->get('quiz_correct_answer')); $repeater = new Field; $repeater->type = wire('modules')->get('FieldtypeRepeater'); $repeater->name = 'quiz_answers'; $repeater->label = 'Answer'; $repeater->repeaterCollapse = 3; $repeater->required = true; $repeater->repeaterAddLabel = 'Neue Antwort hinzufügen'; // $field->parent_id = wire('pages')->get("name=for-field-{$field->id}")->id; // $field->template_id = $template->id; $repeater->save(); $checkbox = new Field; $checkbox->type = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeCheckbox"); $checkbox->name = "quiz_correct_answer"; $checkbox->label ="This is the correct answer"; $checkbox->tags = 'quiz'; $checkbox->save(); //add fields to repeaterFields $repeaterFieldsArray = array(); $repeaterFieldsArray[] = $checkbox->id; $repeater->repeaterFields = $repeaterFieldsArray; $repeater->save(); But when I go and edit the repeater field 'quiz_answers', no field appears at details -> repeater fields. What is the correct way to add one ore more fields to the repeater via API? Maybe @teppo or @adrian could help me out with this, as you both seem to have some experience with repeater fields? Parts of my code are stolen, copied inspired by and
  10. jmartsch

    Just a quick thought: I think it is better and more flexible if you use an options field with autocomplete and "chosen select multiple (extra module)" for the column widths, offsets etc. Right now it looks very cumbersome. Take a look at my screencast at
  11. jmartsch

    Count me in as a tester.
  12. jmartsch

    Because of that, I use Smarty as my template engine now, because it is closer to the ProcessWire syntax. But in one project I still have to use twig Also twig often throws errors, when you try to access a property/variable that isn't defined, but then you can use page["myvar"] instead without getting an error.
  13. @tpr Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah I was using a mixup of jQuery and vanilla JS, as my script was vanilla before as I used it outside of the admin. I needed to change your code a lil bit, because the type is a property and not an attribute. The new updated version is attached to my first post now.
  14. Get rid of the confirm password field and use an unmasking button instead Many articles like and recent user studies show, that there are UX problems with a confirm password field. Also there are comments who disagree with this behaviour. An example of a good password field UX is the signup form of MailChimp Luke Wroblewski from Google also described the problems with masked password fields, especially for mobile users: Why would the enhancement be useful to users? A confirm password field does not really add verification that you typed your password correctly. Users tend to make the same typing errors again, if they repeat their password. It would be better to use a show/hide password button, so a user can see the password he typed. This would remove friction and frustration. Luke even wrote, that he displays people’s passwords by default in the Polar app. I did not implement this at the time, but think it is a smart move. Maybe I implement it as an option. Fully functional module is ready Right now I have a working InputfieldPassword to use with AdminThemeUikit. Here is a video of the new Inputfield in action: It would be nice if you vote for this feature request on github if you think it is useful. You can download the module here.
  15. jmartsch

    @Pete This happens often to me