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  1. jmartsch

    @bernhard Ever heard of Release early, release often
  2. jmartsch

    2018 update: You can also use strtotime in selectors since a while (don't know in wich PW version, but it works in versions > 3. So you could do: $pages->find('template=invoice,created>"first day of this month",created<"last day of this month"'))
  3. jmartsch

    It's getting better and better. Love it,
  4. jmartsch

    Hello @colinosoft. Normally your hosting company should have backups of files and databases available. Please provide more info of what exactly you did. Did you remove files via FTP, SSH? Did you ask your hosting company for a backup?
  5. @tires The pull request is here
  6. I am planning to make a PR on github the next few days, in the meantime you could download my version of the module, as soon as I release it on github. Will notify you here.
  7. I did the same for the TextformatterVideoEmbed module. Also added an option to it, if you want to use the nocookie domain or not.
  8. jmartsch

    This is so great
  9. jmartsch

    I come from the future and have to tell you ProcessWire is here to stay @gebeer My sync is not connected to git, I am planning to do so, but you know... missing time. I send you the rsync shell script via DM.
  10. jmartsch

    @wbmnfktr Thanks for the compliments. Regarding your question: It might be good to make an own thread for this. But to give you an answer: If there is some sensitive data in the case study, I ask my customers if it is okay, to have that data in the study. If not, I remove it. And sensitive data in the backend is replaced with dummy data or blurred, because if not, it could conflict with the law (regarding your country).
  11. jmartsch

    I am tracking the changes from the beginning with your module, and want to query the markupactivitylog table for the first entry a specific field named "status" (not processwires status) was changed at first.
  12. jmartsch

    @Zeka I added the link to my article. Thanks again.
  13. In the beginning of the year, I relaunched the website of P. Jentschura and it took some time to publish the case study for it, but here it is (only in german atm, but you could use a translator tool). Wie wir P. Jentschura halfen, die Conversion Rate zu erhöhen, neue Interessenten zu gewinnen und eine Erfolgsmessbarkeit einführten. Translated title: How we helped P. Jentschura to increase the conversion rate, win new customers and measure success. I plan to publish the case study in english also, but it could take some time.
  14. jmartsch

    Hey @bernhard any updates on a release date or progress with RockDataTables? RockFinder repo at gitlab even mentions, that you renamed it to RockGrid?! I can't wait to get this module into my hands.
  15. jmartsch

    Hey @renobird, is it possible to get the first date a specific field was changed? How would I do this? Any suggestions?