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  1. Module

    Yes, i try to support all filterboxes. Sadly right now I am busy with some projects. Hope I find the time to finish this soon.
  2. Module

    Hey @tpr, I am working on some modifications so that the quick-filter works with ProcessWire´s design philosophy. Right now I got it working for AdminThemeDefault and AdminThemeReno. I am working on AdminThemeUikit compability, which needs some markup modifications. I attached some actual screenshots (AdminThemeUikit is stilll work in progress, so not the final output). What do you think of these modifications? Are you interested in merging them if I create a pull request?
  3. @Salemoche Obviously this is the same question you asked on Maybe give me an upvote there if my solution helps you. Here is my answer again: This is most likely a problem with caching. Please read for example, to understand what browser caching is and what task it accomplishes. On this page under "Common caching issue" you find your problem. If you are using Chrome, open the Dev Tools (F12) and under the Network tab check "Disable cache". In Firefox open the Firefox Toolbox (also F12) and under Settings > Advanced settings check "Disable HTTP-Cache if Toolbox is open" (I translated this from a german Firefox). After that make changes in your CSS file and reload the page. If your changes appear then you know you stumbled into one of the pitfalls of browser-caching. There are many strategies to deal with this "problem". Take a look at for some solutions.
  4. @Nico Knoll Wenn du mir die Zugangsdaten gibst, würd ich das sogar ändern.
  5. @nickie Any update or showcase for the site?
  6. I think the two modules should be merged, as they both serve module specific tasks.
  7. Another problem, or maybe THE problem is, that you seem to not have GD lib installed. As you can see on this is required. Install it, and I think your problem is gone.
  8. It seems like a permission problem with uploaded files so ProcessWire can´t access them.
  9. According to your information it seems your file is uploaded. Where is the image not visible? In the admin (backend) or frontend?
  10. Although Robin S´s module might "hide" the menu entry it is still accessible if you know the URL. To restrict non-superusers and redirect them to another page after logging in, you need to do it different. I wrote a module for that case which you can find at It is not configurable yet, but you can change the code in the .module file.
  11. @Nico Knoll Push
  12. @kixe Your solution works perfectly fine. Thank you a thousand times Kudos! Thanks to @adrian as well.
  13. Is there a way to add custom markup to the tab via fields? Then I could do it the way you described.
  14. I want to do this programmatically. Because I want to add custom markup like some buttons. I don´t want to add inputs to the tab.
  15. I want to add a tab to an edit page in the admin via API. I found a code from @kixe here that basically does this, but I can´t get it to work correctly (see screenshot). As you can see the Tab has a weird name and the submit button appears before the fieldset. Also the tab should appear as second, directly after "Inhalt (content)". Maybe I did something wrong when adding the tab to the form? Here is the code that I used: public function ready() { $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', $this, 'addButtons'); } public function addButtons($event) { $page = $event->object->getPage(); if ($page->template == "bewerbung") { $form = $event->return; $inputfields = new InputfieldWrapper(); $tab = new InputfieldWrapper(); $tab->attr('title', 'Settings'); $tab->attr('class', 'WireTab'); $markup = $this->modules->get('InputfieldMarkup'); $markup->label = 'Settings'; $markup->value = '<p>Just a placeholder for some inputfields.</p>'; $tab->add($markup); $inputfields->add($tab); $form->add($inputfields); } }