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  1. Hello guys, I am the new maintainer of the german language pack. Big thanks to @Nico Knoll and @yellowled for their initial work on the translations. I made a new thread because the initial one was from 2011 and I can not change the content of the first post so that it points to the new resouces. Also I wanted to prevent people to download old files from the old post. @Nico Knoll Could you maybe add a link to this post in your original thread? So this post will always refer to the github repository The master branch will (try to) be up to date with the most recent stable version of ProcessWire. The dev branch will (try to) be up to date with the most recent dev version of ProcessWire. If you find any missing translations or errors, please create a PR or submit a bug/improvement. I hope we as a community can work together, to update translatations as soon as a new dev branch is pushed. Please let me know if you want to translate a new dev version, so we are not both doing the same task. Then I am able to quickly release an updated stable language pack when a new ProcessWire stable version is released.
  2. jmartsch

    I just released the updated translations for ProcessWire dev 3.0.118 at
  3. jmartsch

    I am proud to anounce, that I am the new maintainer of the github repo now. I will add my translations for the dev version very soon. Thanks to @yellowled for handing it over to me.
  4. jmartsch

    @yellowled Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I would like to take over. My username on github is jmartsch. You can transfer the ownership to me and I try to do my best to update the language pack (with a little help of the community).
  5. jmartsch

    @yellowled Hey Matthias, I forked the repo and made a dev branch for latest PW dev version 3.0.118 and added all missing translations and removed abandoned translations. What do you think about also implementing a dev branch into your github repo and merge my changes? I try to update the dev version as soon as I can when a new version comes out. When we work like this, we quickly have a german language pack available when a new PW stable version comes out. You can find my dev branch here:
  6. Is really meant to be used in conjunction with ProcessDocumentation, or is it just for AdminHelp? Because it seems to be very tailored to AdminHelp. I installed it, and set the setting to open in modal, but my "Dokumentation" menu item link still opens a normal page.
  7. So you have to recreate your help folder structure in admin, right? I have to say that this is very cumbersome. It would be easy if you just create ONE page under admin with process "ProcessDocumentation" and select a page from the page tree. If that page has children, display them somehow (in a list, as submenus, etc). This could be configurable. This would make this module a lot more user friendly.
  8. @Macrura Thank you for the quick answer I done that before, but then changed the process to "ProcessList" as you wrote in your inital post, because I want to show the children in a list. When I revert to use ProcessDocumentation for the page, I just get the default behaviour. I selected a page that is in the page tree, not under admin, so my customer can change the content if he wants to. Now the documentation menu item takes me to the page I selected, but how do I get a listing of the child pages on this page?
  9. @Macrura I tried to make a folder structure, but it does not work. First I created the page "Dokumentation" which has the process "ProcessList" assigned, as you wrote. And it has two children with the template "documentation". The menu item "Dokumentation" appears (I am using AdminThemeUikit), but when I click on it, I am redirected to a page that says: "The process returned no content." So what did I do wrong? Maybe you can describe the exact steps to be taken, to get a folder structure documentation. Another question: Is it possible to render the page in a panel instead of redirecting?
  10. jmartsch

    After watching for a couple of minutes, return to this page and watch how it moves
  11. jmartsch

    Upgrade then
  12. jmartsch

    @franciccio-ITALIANO Yes, VEX can be used on the frontend. Please read section "Including in your project" at Integrate the code into your frontend template/s where you need it.
  13. jmartsch

    Should be added to the modules directory
  14. Thats the same what I said in multiple posts here. You don't have to see the words "best answer" anywhere. Some other Q&A style forums use the words "Accepted answer". I would not like a list of "solutions" under the first post, because there could be many (think Support forums), and the "solutions" could be evolved through further discussion, that might be different to the initial question. A button/link "Most useful or upvoted replies" would be difficult to implement, because it makes no sense in support forums, and even for Q&A style forums, the list could be long, and what would be displayed? The last x replies with the most votes? Please note that I use the word reply instead of answer now. Because not all replies are answers. I think that changing the wording and thinking of replies instead of answer/s helps a lot in this discussion. Yeah, thats why the poster can decide which is his preferred "accepted or most useful reply". We have to disctint between two types of forums: Q&A and support forums. In the support forums the OP would not mark a reply as "accepted reply" because it was no question he had asked. I hope that makes sense because you have to think a little different to how the forum software works right now. One problem is, that if you change all forums to Q&A style the flow of the conversation is ruined as @Pete stated. Maybe there could be a plugin for keeping the sort order chronologically, without pulling the most upvoted or accepted reply out of the flow? The other problem is that in normal forums we can not up- or downvote replies.
  15. jmartsch

    Adminer in Tracy. Wonderful. Thank you very much @adrian