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  1. I don't share the opinion that the installer ist the best thing possible. There could be more improvements, for example the locale setting that you mentioned. Or displaying the installer in another language. But as ProcessWire is Open Source everyone can submit ideas or fixes. If you don't speak English so well, use an online translator such as, which is the best one I know and submit your ideas to this forum or on
  2. @fermion As a reaction to your hosters answer: The setlocale() function only has an effect if the locale you are trying to set is installed on the server, and locales do not have the same name on every system. Some linux distros or windows use different names. If for example the "de_DE" locale isn't installed and you call `setlocale(LC_ALL,'de_DE');` then the default locale would be used instead. That's why there are different namings for a language in my code. On linux you can find out which locales are installed with `locale -a.
  3. Hey @adrian, thank you for your continous great work and efforts on this module. Is there any way we can support you with a little donation or something else? Would you even want that? Tracy Debugger helped me so many times, and reduces my work and error finding, so I would like to give something back to thank you. I know, that you invest much time in developing this.
  4. Hi @fermion, willkommen in der wunderbaren Welt und der hilfreichen Community von ProcessWire. Wir schreiben hier meistens in Englisch, damit es alle verstehen können. Ich hoffe du verstehst was die meisten hier schreiben. Now I will continue in english: Regarding your question about a risk for setting the locale. I would recommend to set the locale and date format to the corresponding language. Here is the code I use on a large website in my _init.php: $lang = $user->language->name; if ($lang == "default") $lang = "de"; $date_lang = array(); switch ($lang) { case 'en': setlocale(LC_ALL, 'english_gbr', 'english_britain', 'english_england', 'english_great britain', 'english_uk', 'english_united kingdom', 'english_united-kingdom'); $date_lang[0] = "%A %B %dth %Y at %I:%M %p"; $date_lang[1] = "%B %dth %Y"; $date_lang[2] = "%I:%M %p"; $date_lang[3] = "%A"; break; case 'nl': setlocale(LC_ALL, 'english_gbr', 'english_britain', 'english_england', 'english_great britain', 'english_uk', 'english_united kingdom', 'english_united-kingdom'); $date_lang[0] = "%A %B %dth %Y at %I:%M %p"; $date_lang[1] = "%B %dth %Y"; $date_lang[2] = "%I:%M %p"; $date_lang[3] = "%A"; break; case 'fr': setlocale(LC_ALL, "fr_FR", "fra", "fr_FR.UTF8", "French_France"); $date_lang[0] = "%A %d %B %Y à %kh%M"; $date_lang[1] = "%d %B %Y"; $date_lang[2] = "%kh%M"; $date_lang[3] = "%A"; break; default: setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF8', 'de_DE@euro', 'de_DE', 'deu_deu', 'German_Germany.1252'); $date_lang[0] = "%A, den %d. %B %Y um %k.%Mh"; $date_lang[1] = "%d. %B %Y"; $date_lang[2] = "%k.%Mh"; $date_lang[3] = "%A"; break; } Yes, normally your content is embedded in "fields" in ProcessWire. Then in your template file you output the content of the field in a HTML structure you like, for example a div or a metatag. I agree, that there are not much german tutorials that cover ProcessWire, but I think this is because almost the whole developer community is used to speak and understand english. Anyways: Here is a nice tutorial in german (there are more in the same channel) You will find a nice blog post "Warum ProcessWire die beste Wahl für Ihre Website ist (nicht immer, aber in den meisten Fällen)" on my website, which isn't a tutorial, but an explanation, why and when to use ProcessWire.
  5. Wow @Zeka. Nice find.
  6. Support for progressive JPGs is integrated into the Dev version. I think it is there since 3.0.80, but don't know exactly. To use it put this into your site/config.php $config->imageSizerOptions('interlace', true);
  7. @BitPoet Thank you, this works Inputfield_title__1039 !="" Also works without the Inputfield prefix
  8. I want to show the field "Bilder Französisch" in the admin only if the french title field is filled out. So I entered in the "show this field only if" section on the field title_fr!="" but this doesn't work. How can I achieve this?
  9. This seems to be a problem if I use a subdirectory like http://localhost/pwtest/kickstart.php instead of http://pwtest.localhost/kickstart.php. I will check this.
  10. Hi @bernhard. I wanted to test your module, but it does not work on my system. Maybe it's windows related. I am on Windows 10, with latest PHP/APACHE/MYSQL. When I select "Load a Kickstartfile from URL" and enter the URL to your Example Snippet from Gitlab Repo it downloads ProcessWire and after this my directory looks like this: but then the script says: "404 page not found (no site configuration or install.php available)". I would like to test and help you fix this.
  11. Just to clarify: The security problem exists if your server is reachable from the internet. No matter if local or housed.
  12. I think this unnecessary, because there is not a single installer (of which I know) out there that is password protected (not PW, not WordPress, not Drupal, not NextCloud, etc.). And even if it was so, I think that most guys develop on a local machine and then upload to a live server. I know: People do stuff differently. However: Because of the upload functionality, it is a high security risk if people can upload files, without checking for permission. I think this does not matter on a local server, but on a live server it does.
  13. Thank you Bernhard for your efforts. This looks great. Hope I find the time to test it in the next days.
  14. Hey @arjen. This is a list I published in my blog article Why ProcessWire is the best choice for your website (not always, but in most cases) to convince people, that ProcessWire is not so unknown.
  15. Thanks, I added a few to the list. But I was looking for really BIG brands (like Nike, Porsche, etc.)