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  1. Netcarver is da man. I want it all and I want it now! Where is the download link.... can not wait
  2. I can confirm the wrong behaviour in a fresh PW install (in the backend/admin). This seems to be a general bug in the datepicker. You should file a bug report at Eventually make a video/screencast to show the wrong behaviour. For ease to reproduce, export your field configuration and paste it into the bug report. To do this go to Fields -> Export Click the datetime field you want to export click export paste the json data into your bug report
  3. Why don't you publish your signup.php code here? Maybe someone takes a look at it and finds the error. You could also post this in the jobs section.
  4. Please be a little more specific. Which version of PW are you using? What are the settings for your field? You can export the field from the "fields" page and paste the code here.
  5. Somehow your module does not work correctly in my ProcessWire. I am using 3.0.71 right now. I have this code in my body field and your textformatter applied to the body field: <pre> <code class="language-php"> echo "this is PHP"; </code> </pre> After outputting it on my site it shows up as: pre> <code class=" language-php language-php"> <span class="token keyword">echo</span> <span class="token string">"this is PHP"</span><span class="token punctuation">;</span> </code> <script src="/site/modules/TextformatterPrism/prism/prism.js"></script> <script src="/site/modules/TextformatterPrism/prism/components/prism-php.js"></script> So as you can see, it the first pre tag is destroyed/converted and the closing pre tag is removed.
  6. Hi folks, I published a new tutorial today which explains how to make a simple download function with ProcessWire (tested with version 3.0+). You find the tutorial on my website Basically this is based on my post here in the forums
  7. Hey Adrian, I spotted another bug. If you go to the modules settings and check the "Generate Password" option, then after saving an error occurs: "Session: You need to have digits and at least one of the letter options checked."
  8. No the site is not online, I test here in my dev environment.
  9. I catch emails with Tracy´s mail interceptor, but no email is there.
  10. Yes, I removed that line, but email is still not being sent. I even set autoload to true in the settings file, but that changes nothing. Don't know why the email is not sent
  11. Even when I use: $modules->get("EmailNewUser"); $new_user = new User(); $new_user->of(false); $new_user->addRole("editor"); $new_user->email = ""; $new_user->name =""; $new_user->sendEmail = true; $new_user->of(true); $new_user->save(); in Tracy console, the mail is not being sent. Or do I do something wrong?
  12. Thanks. I did not use $modules->get("EmailNewUser"); because I previously changed the module to autoload, but after the updates this setting was gone. Thanks for the hint. I am using latest ProcessWire Dev version from Github which is 3.0.80 And my settings look like in my screenshot. I am on a Windows System if that matters. But I don't think so. After going into the pass field and saving the settings my bar dump now shows the same settings as yours. But these settings seem to be not available by default.
  13. Adrian, thank you for your support. The new version is generating the password fine. But now the problem is back that no email is being sent when I create the user via the API Here is the code, that I used to test this: $new_user = new User(); $new_user->of(false); $new_user->addRole("editor"); $new_user->email = ""; $new_user->name =""; $new_user->sendEmail = true; $new_user->save(); In a fresh PW 3.0.80 install I tried the latest version 1.1.2 and the output of d($fields->get('pass')->minlength); is still "null". If I output only the field, I get the following data (see screenshot).
  14. Hey @adrian. The password generation in the latest version does not work correctly. It only generates passwords that are 1 char long. In line you generate the new password. The output of bd($this->wire('fields')->get('pass')->minlength); is null. If I try to insert a number instead, it works. $newPass = $this->passwordGenerator(6, false, $this->buildPasswordCharacterSets($this->wire('fields')->get('pass'))); I get back to the other questions soon.
  15. Here is another one: If I create a user via the API and use $new_user->sendEmail = true; an email is not being sent. Here is the code that I execute via Tracy console: $new_user = new User(); $new_user->of(false); $new_user->addRole("editor"); $new_user->email = ""; $new_user->name =""; $new_user->sendEmail = true; $new_user->save();