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  1. If you want to really disable SSL try deselecting it in Laragons Apache settings: But I would recommend to keep it activated, since many web features like geolocation only work in a HTTPS context. Normally, when Chrome shows this error message, it provides an option to add an exception for this site, and then you can view it.
  2. My Laragon is also fast. I have the same settings as @wbmnfktr Admin loads in approx. 400ms, frontend in 600-700 ms, but it is a large site, with many includes and stuff.
  3. @adrian @tpr Just made a donation. Thanks again. However, the filterbox seems to not work correctly, see my screenshot I entered "sb-1.1" as my search value, but users starting with "sb-1.x" and others are also found.
  4. Huh, whats this? Direct messages appear in the activity stream?
  5. Yes, @Autofahrn is right. The data-attributes are converted into real attributes from lazysizes
  6. Look into your webservers (Apache?) logfiles. In error.log you can most likely find the error
  7. Yes, there is a minimal noticable delay I think, but it loads very quickly. As far as I know Select2 is good but depends on jQuery. Some vanilla JavaScript alternatives are https://leaverou.github.io/awesomplete/ (from the famous Lea Verou, only 2KB gzipped) https://github.com/kraaden/autocomplete (Only 1KB gzipped) https://github.com/TarekRaafat/autoComplete.js
  8. Yes, I have some hundred users (800 atm) and I need to switch to all of them
  9. @adrian and @tpr Thanks for the filterbox, that was also on my todo list, but now you done it. Could you please also add it to the user switcher panel?
  10. I don't think that one should need additional software, just to copy and use code from this forum.
  11. There is a space or colon missing between the word "Location" and the actual location in the user info column
  12. @bartelsmedia The case you linked to is to prevent unsolicited advertising emails. An opt-in email is NOT an advertising email, depending on the contents of the email. If it just says, "you are subscribed", or "please confirm your subscription", without links to products or special offers, or something else that has advertising character, sending it is allowed. Like @teppo said, it is not required to store the emails in an encrypted format. I am also no lawyer but had to inform myself a lot about this, because I needed the information for some of my customers.
  13. New forum look is very clean. I like it, but as @teppo said, the font size is really too small.
  14. Yes, I experience the same as @kongondo. PW logs are running fast, but as soon as I enable Tracy Log, its getting slow. Here is a screenshot And I think I know why it takes so long. Look at this. 1,48 GB WTF?
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