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  1. I understand thats it's crucial to save bandwith. That's why we have webP now, finally. But there is one line in PagefileExtra.php that delivers the normal image url instead of the webp version, if the webp filesize is larger. In my case and I think on other sites too this is an unwanted behaviour, as quality and colors are different if you compare a jpg and a webp image. To illustrate this I attached this image, where you can see that the first three products which are being delivered as JPGs because the filesize is smaller are really different looking than the next 3 which are in webp format , especially in the logo area. This is somewhat hard to see here, but on my development site it looks really bad and is a showstopper for me to use webp. What I ask for is an option to skip the filesize check and maybe the option to enter a treshold value when to use the smaller image. Could you pls add your thumbsup for my issue "make the fallback optional if pagefile->url is smaller than webp"?
  2. What exactly do you mean with adding it with the API? Do you mean a file upload? Do you mean output? I think you are mixing input/upload and output here?!
  3. Hey @Macrura I haven't tested "dynamic domains" because I don't use them, but the region setting for "EU" domain and also tracking for message open and clicks, which are working fine. I also committed another patch for strange display behaviour in outlook: https://github.com/chriswthomson/WireMailMailgun/pull/14
  4. Damn, I am very sorry. I mislead you. I thought it returns false, if the count fails, but it turns out, it really returns the number. Sorry. I updated my example above, which is basically the same as @Autofahrn's
  5. @elabx You are also correct with your statement, that integer 0 loosely evaluates to false. But as @Autofahrn said, the original poster @hollyvalero wants to work with the product array afterwards. But as my query does only return false or the integer number, that is not what he needs. So something like $products = $pages->find("template=news, limit=9, sort=sort" ); if($products->count > 3) { echo $products->each(function($product) { return "<p>$product->title</p>"; }); } would be correct
  6. Even shorter: $products = $pages->find("template=product, limit=9, sort=sort")->count(3); if ($products) d($products);
  7. @nbcommunication Thanks for your work on this module. Maybe @Macrura could merge your latest changes? Would you create a pull request for this? As far as I can see everything is working fine here. I use this module in conjunction with @ryan's ProMailer module to send out newsletters. I even used the tags method, to enable analytics.
  8. Turn on $config->debug in your site/config.php, then you get a better error message, that says what the problem is. Look under details of your image field and then "formatted value". Is it set to automatic? Is "Maximum files allowed" set to 0? If so, try <img src="<?php echo $page->header->first()->url; ?>" alt="<?php echo $page->header->first()->description; ?>" /> That is because an array is returned if "Maximum files allowed" is 0.
  9. @wish-fulfillment In your site tree look for the root page and in the settings tab look which URL it has for russian (your default). It should be (ru) However, I noticed that it is a bad practice to modify the default language (english) with language files. Instead you should add russian as an ADDITIONAL language and then set the guest user to this language (for the frontend) and also your admin user, so the PW admin is also in russian. Made the same mistake as you on a big site (although it works) and now it is too much work to change it.
  10. Just want to thank @horst for all his work on the WebP integration and the effort for explaining many things (of which I am aware, because I also have a background in image retouching and stuff, but most people do not).
  11. LOL. This is because I have far more domains on the live server and didn't want to write them all. Most of my dev server settings could also be omitted; I only use one dev domain ATM.
  12. Hi @bernhard Here is my solution which uses the server name instead of a directory structure. So you are safe if you are changing paths or the OS where paths are different. $base_url = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; $config->base_url = $base_url; switch ($base_url) { case "p-jentschura.localhost": case "p-jentschura.acemanpc": case "p-info.localhost": case "p-info.acemanpc": $config->dbHost = 'localhost'; $config->dbName = 'dbname'; $config->dbUser = 'root'; $config->dbPass = 'dbpass'; $config->dbPort = '3306'; $config->debug = false; $config->httpHosts = array( 'p-jentschura.localhost', 'p-jentschura.acemanpc', '', '', 'localhost.p-jentschura' ); break; default: // LIVE CONFIG $config->dbHost = ''; $config->dbName = 'dbname'; $config->dbUser = 'dbuser'; $config->dbPass = 'dbpass'; $config->dbPort = '3306'; $config->debug = false; $config->httpHosts = array( 'p-jentschura.com', 'www.p-jentschura.com', 'p-jentschura.de', 'www.p-jentschura.de', 'p-jentschura.nl', 'www.p-jentschura.nl', 'p-jentschura.shop' ); }
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