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German (de-DE) not maintained

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Once again heads up, everyone, I just now updated the “stable” German language pack for 3.0.34, which – as usual by now – means a lot of work, mostly by Manfred, (translating all the things) followed by a little work by me (merging).

As usual, thanks to all the contributors, especially Manfred for his tireless efforts and Robert, who took the time to iron out a looooooot of small mistakes.

Everyone, enjoy and please report anything you may find wrong or worth improving, ideally in a pull request at https://github.com/yellowled/pw-lang-de, please.

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@yellowled Hey Matthias, I forked the repo and made a dev branch for latest PW dev version 3.0.118 and added all missing translations and removed abandoned translations. What do you think about also implementing a dev branch into your github repo and merge my changes? I try to update the dev version as soon as I can when a new version comes out.

When we work like this, we quickly have a german language pack available when a new PW stable version comes out.

You can find my dev branch here:


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@jmartsch Here's the thing – sadly, I haven't done anything with ProcessWire in a long time. I would like to, but switching from being self-employed and building sites for clients to being employed at an agency and focussing on frontend has kind of pulled my out of the loop here. Of course, just maintaining the lang pack is not a big thing, it's basically just merging pull requests on my end.

However, I feel like this should rather be maintained by someone who is more actively involved with the community. How about I hand over the ownership of the lang pack repository to you and you become the new maintainer? (Yes, I'm serious.) :-)

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