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Change existing installation to "blank" profile

Robin S

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I'm new to ProcessWire, but based on what I've read so far I can see PW becoming the CMS I use for all future sites.

It would be handy to be able to use Softaculous to install PW, but this results in the "Minimal Site Profile" being installed and there is no option to choose the blank profile.

I also have a second installation in another hosting account that I selected the "Beginner" profile for during install (to learn the ropes) and now I would like to change to the "blank" profile to start proper development.

So my question is: is it possible to clean out an existing PW installation to go back to the equivalent of what you get when you install PW with the "blank" profile? Or do you have remove everything and do a new install from scratch?

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Hi Cerulean and welcome to PW!

I honestly think the easiest way would be to delete any installed pages, templates and fields via the admin panel. Then remove the un-needed files from the templates directory.

The only other way I can think of would be to replace the contents of the site folder with those from site-blank and then dropping the entire database and using the install.sql from site-blank/install to repopulate it. Then delete the install folder when you are done. Honestly though, this sounds like it could be fraught with danger :)

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For the fun of it, I have another solution for you.

Firstly, install Migrator via the zip

Then extract the contents of the attached file into the assets folder. You should end up with a structure that looks like:


Then go to Setup > Migrator > Restore and choose the blank-profile option from the select - it will be the only option available.

That should be it.

Let me know if that works out for you. 

Edited by adrian
Removed attachment to avoid confusion - worked, but contained my admin user account
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Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your advice. Your first suggestion sounds like it's an easy option.

I tried using your Migrator module and I think it worked for the most part - it changed the admin URL from what I had originally which threw me for a bit because I was getting 404s, but I soon worked that out. The only other issue I noticed was that the restored profile included your admin user account but that wouldn't be hard to fix.

I think it's probably best for me to just do a new install from scratch and choose the blank profile. I've found that using Softaculous to install ProcessWire also gives me the wrong timezone setting so fixing that and the profile issue would probably take longer than doing a "normal" PW installation, so I think in future I won't bother with Softaculous.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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Good point about my admin user account showing up and also the admin url being wrong - sorry about that - it really was meant to be a fun option - I didn't think it through fully :)

I am going to remove the attachment from the above post so I don't confuse anyone else.

The install process really is very simple, so glad you're heading that route.

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