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Using uploaded images without attaching them


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Hello, recently started again with Processwire, building my portfolio as a spatial designer.

I am stuck somewhere, as I've designed a template that I'm now integrating into my CMS.

What I have is a very simple site that looks like this:


Project container__________________________________________________________________

|Left Column with project text

|Right Column with images from this project (collated vertically, multiple possible, image desc. is the text under the image)


The projects will also be collated vertically, the CSS and DIV structure is already working and error free in my example file, however, when I'm creating a new project in the Processwire manager, I have to manually place the images in the content form where the text also goes.

So what I was thinking was to input the project description into the content form, and just let Processwire use the images that are already uploaded with that page without having to manually put them into the content.

This way I can place the text separately from the image. Each one in their own div.

The thing is that I have been searching how this could be done, and I have not found out. It's not a difficult page, and I am sure that what I'm asking should be possible, it's just that I need a bit of guidance of where to find it.

Thanks for this wonderful CMS system :)

- Marinus

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