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  1. Thanks, a world of new things have opened up to me since yesterday-evening I've started looking at analytics, this afternoon I got the module working in my processwire admin, shows up nicely. However, in google analytics itself, it still says my site isn't connected, but in the analytics module in my admin I can already see results. Not sure why google's own analytics admin says it isn't working.. Must be some time-based check. I've also been looking at the crawler, and have asked google to re-index my site with the new title. Will look at the rest when I have time, currently graduating with a thesis that I still have to finish, so it's a bit hard to go into it deeply Thanks for your links, the last one seems to be the most clear on how to do this, I guess this is what will really help with making my site show up better in google. The only thing is that I probably still have to find another way of having the first page. Now when you load the site, it goes to /about directly, because I didn't know how to solve this in another way. But I don't want a home page.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply, well, what I already changed yesterday was turning this: <title><?php echo $page->get("headline|title"); ?></title> into this: <title>Marinus de Beer - Spatial Design - <?php echo $page->get("headline|title"); ?></title> Now works exactly like I wanted. However, I just wanted my title to display "about" on the about page's tab name. I guess I have no choice Feel quite dumb that I couldn't come up with such a simple way of making google display my name and profession
  3. I simply added in the title of the webpage the title I wanted before the current page title gets put in. This seemed to fix the problem partially. Still hope to find out if there is a way to force google to display a title that isn't the standard page title.
  4. Hey guys, now, I've been working with this beautiful CMS and am superhappy with it. Only one small problem. When I google my site, it shows this: https://www.google.nl/search?q=site%3Awww.marinusdebeer.nl The common result when you search on my name is that the title shows: "about" as page title in the results. Now, this is because this is the page I force the visitor to when they go to www.marinusdebeer.nl I did this in a script because I don't like to use a homepage/launch page. So it goes to the about page in a hardcoded php script. However, I want to keep the 'about' name in the page title, but is there a way I can edit meta data to make sure Google just shows a different page title, so that I can control how the title is displayed in Google? I have been googling about this, but it didn't show up any results I could use. Maybe I am searching with the wrong search queries. Soon I will start making the second site with ProcessWire, let's hope it goes as smooth as the first one I created Love, Marinus
  5. Just wanted to say that removing this module leaves a path of trash in the ProcessWire and it might be quicker to just setup a completely new install instead of uninstalling the blog module. I have templates leftover, fields etc and it's a pain to remove everything manually. Never used the blog, it just wasn't what I needed. I need something simpler and decided to go with the ProcessWire functionality of just creating pages without the use of comments etcetera. Wanted something more like a 'news' page. Is there a reason why 'uninstalling' doesn't uninstall much?
  6. So, I'm just trying to gain some experience by making a second installation on my local mac... If I'm correct, I would have to add the new data into these places: Folder name: mdbnl Desired address in my browser: mdbnl/ ~/Sites |`-- _vHosts | `-- domains | `-- mdbnl | |-- htdocs | `-- index.html | `-- logs Vhosts (_vHosts/mdbnl.conf): <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/mdbnl/htdocs/ ServerName mdbnl ErrorLog /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/mdbnl/logs/error.log.txt CustomLog /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/mdbnl/logs/access.log.txt common </VirtualHost> In the hosts file I should add: localhost processwire mdbnl And after all that just restart apache, put processwire in the right folder and setup from there in it's unique database. Is this all good? Or am I missing a step? Edit: Actually, I tried this, and it seems to work fine, so I guess this is the way to do it I'll leave this up here for anyone who wants to make a second install of processwire on their local Mac environment.
  7. Yes! I do However, in my first post, I have copied literally this: $image = $child->coverimage; And it didn't work the first time around.. I must have missed something! Thanks for your help
  8. Something really weird happened, I was trying out different things, also things that didn't work before, but now all of a sudden, this code works really well: $image = $child->coverimage; $thumb = $image->size(215, 215); echo "<a href='$child->url'><img class='project_thumb_image' src='$thumb->url'><BR/> <p class='thumb_image_title'>$child->title</p></a>"; It does what I want! But I don't know what's different?
  9. Well, yes, I managed to do that, but somehow when I add the 'coverimage' data into the $thumb the page gives an error. I am lost When I try to echo your code, I get this error: Error: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '$' -- was your selector value properly escaped? (in /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/Selectors.php line 168) #0 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/Selectors.php(193): Selectors->create('', '$', 'child->coverima...') #1 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/Selectors.php(62): Selectors->extractString('$child->coverim...') #2 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/WireArray.php(992): Selectors->__construct('$child->coverim...') #3 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/WireArray.php(1058): WireArray->filterData('$child->coverim...', false) #4 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/WireArray.php(1092): WireArray->filter('$child->coverim...') #5 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/htdocs/wire/core/WireArray.php(1102): WireArray->find('$child->coverim...') #6 /Users/marinusdebeer/Sites/domains/processwire/ This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. I don't know why it won't work, as the script works the other way. Would really like to use my custom fields! I can also work around it, using multipleimages field and just have one image in there, but I don't like workarounds because then I still don't know how to make this work.
  10. Hi, I've added a new field in my admin called 'coverimage'. The fieldtype is 'Image'. Now, in my page linked with the template where I added the fieldtype, I have been able to upload 1 image (I set the limit to '1'). However when I try to call the image, I get an error. I am able to call the other image field with this script: include("./head.inc"); echo "<div class='project_container'>"; foreach($page->children($selector) as $child) { echo " <div class='project_container_thumbs'><center>"; $image = $child->images->first(); $thumb = $image->size(215, 215); echo "<a href='$child->url'><img class='project_thumb_image' src='$thumb->url'><BR/> <p class='thumb_image_title'>$child->title</p></a>"; echo "</center></div> "; } echo "</div>"; include("./foot.inc"); However, when I change the $image selector to this: $image = $child->coverimage; It doesn't work. Maybe I'm just missing a small point, but when I have created a fieldtype, and linked it to a template, and then have added content to that field, shouldn't I just be able to call it in this way, or is it more complicated than I think? - Marinus Edit; When trying out stuff, I found out that this code outputs a result, it outputs the file name of the image linked in the 'coverimage' custom field: $fields->get('$child->coverimage') I guess there should be some way of getting the url of the image instead of the filename? Edit #2; I have found out this works to get the URL: {$child->coverimage->url} However, applying it like so, doesn't work!!! Argh, I am out of ideas $image = $fields->get('$child->coverimage->url'); $thumb = $image->size(215, 215); echo "<a href='$child->url'><img class='project_thumb_image' src='$thumb->url'><BR/> <p class='thumb_image_title'>$child->title</p><br/>{$child->coverimage->url}</a>";
  11. Great topic, thanks for this! Finally managed to get my PW running I did make one mistake though, and that was that I forgot to create the htdocs and logs folders, so my apache wouldn't start again after restarting. After using the following code, I found out that the folders were the problem: sudo apachectl configtest Thanks to Martijn I found this out. Thanks again
  12. Just a follow-up (sorry for necroing a thread): I have managed to fix everything using this guide: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5797-setup-a-processwire-environment-on-a-fresh-macos-x-install/ At the time this thread was created, the above guide didn't exist yet. Very happy that I don't have to use MAMP, much more elegant to use the Mac's insides So, finally, I can run Processwire!!!
  13. I'm sorry I feel very dumb... Just found out! Don't know why I couldn't find it yesterday. I guess I've been inputting my search queries in too difficult Here is what I did: http://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/images/ - Marinus
  14. Hello, recently started again with Processwire, building my portfolio as a spatial designer. I am stuck somewhere, as I've designed a template that I'm now integrating into my CMS. What I have is a very simple site that looks like this: Header Project container__________________________________________________________________ |Left Column with project text |Right Column with images from this project (collated vertically, multiple possible, image desc. is the text under the image) Footer The projects will also be collated vertically, the CSS and DIV structure is already working and error free in my example file, however, when I'm creating a new project in the Processwire manager, I have to manually place the images in the content form where the text also goes. So what I was thinking was to input the project description into the content form, and just let Processwire use the images that are already uploaded with that page without having to manually put them into the content. This way I can place the text separately from the image. Each one in their own div. The thing is that I have been searching how this could be done, and I have not found out. It's not a difficult page, and I am sure that what I'm asking should be possible, it's just that I need a bit of guidance of where to find it. Thanks for this wonderful CMS system - Marinus
  15. Hi thanks for your reply, I have run the OSX server on many computers for years on end, and have always enjoyed it to the max. However, I will try a fresh new installation to see if there is something wrong in the previous one. I have really no problems with any of the CMS systems I'm running at the moment, and I do have the rewrite engine enabled..
  16. Great! One step further, however, when I try to access: http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/processwire/ After changing the .htaccess it now gives a 404. I have never had any trouble with any other application So I must be overlooking something. With the /wire/ dir it gives a 403. I would swear that the link http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/processwire/ would open the admin, right?
  17. Hi guys, I have just finished installing my first ProcessWire site. The site works, however, when I click the links at the end of the installation, they take me to a place like this: http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/portfolio1/ While the actualy path should be: http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/ Also, I cannot reach the admin, these paths don't work: http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/processwire/ http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/wire/ I get this message in the attachment. I hope someone knows what I did wrong, or if there is an error in the latest install. I'm using Mac OSX Mavericks with Apache and MySQL running and ProcessWire 2.x (would be the latest one I guess). - Marinus
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