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[WP-> PW] Acan.sk

Adam Kiss

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I moved an old client's page from WP to PW, because... Mostly because WP sucks and PW is awesome (translated into business terms: It was cheaper both for me and for client [in terms of money as well as time] to rather move page to PW, than to push WP a little farther again)

Site is live here: http://www.acan.sk [only in slovak language, unfortunately]

It's about awesome alcohol client sells.

As far as custom things go:

Modules used: AdminBar, CodeMirror

Custom features:

  • on the fly Template->session->PDF generation (just to be mailed to us)
  • custom inputfield formatter
  • contact list (rather simple)
  • in-CMS saving of how many times product pages were viewed
  • on the fly sitemap.xml generation – this one's reusable and as soon as I found out how to share it (blog, forums, forrst), I will do so

That's it!

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I actually hijacked one of the 'post.php' or 'page.php' to have it me-formatted XML (because I used some plugin, which used a lot of integer fields related to its own db structure), which I imported via dead-simple importer (one foreach loop together with simplexml)

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