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  1. I'm very impressed by this site, it's very well done, bravo Evan. Usually I'm not a fan of animations, I find them intruisive for reading, but I'm making an exception for this site, the navigation is fluid and the content is very well presented. If you don't mind I'll take a look at the source to steal one or two techniques I don't yet know Like how you can do SEO friendly URLs with a single page.
  2. This is convenient, thanks Ryan. Here's my updated french translation. ProcessWire-Language-French.zip
  3. Maybe the solution is in the json_encode method ? Check out the JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE parameter (http://php.net/manual/fr/json.constants.php). Example : json_encode($string, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE) Disclaimer : Not tried myself and I'm a PHP newbie! Edit : just discovered JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE need PHP 5.4.0...
  4. Ahah! Watching your tutorial video, I was thinking you were a normal person, but no, nerd spotted here! As for Slkwrm question, I think he would like to have Unicode encoded JSON files. The actual JSON files are ANSI encoded with unicode character codes, if I understand correctly.
  5. I like it, well thought implementation. Oh, and smart of you to reuse Wordpress documentation for the plurals and disambiguation by context. I must confess I didn't understand what exactly is "disambiguation by context" but it's late here in France so I'm tired and this is my excuse In over news, I updated my french translation with the singular version in ProcessPageSearch, ZIP attached. Ryan, will we be able to push our translation updates on Github? ProcessWire-Language-French.zip
  6. Did you installed the last PW dev branch from Github as Ryan suggested ? Yesterday I had the same symptom, but I wasn't using the good branch. I think Ryan missed a command in his procedure, this is what worked for me : git clone git://github.com/ryancramerdesign/P21.git cd P21 git checkout dev Note the "cd P21", you have to be in the P21 folder for the "git checkout dev" command to function properly.
  7. This is cool, I see the potential for this module. You guys are having too much fun coding PW modules, I hope to join the party soon!
  8. And this is my first draft for french. That was easy, well done Ryan, the interface for translations is very simple. ProcessWire-Language-French.zip
  9. It's a beautiful site, and very responsive. Bravo !
  10. Hello, New PW user here, just discovered it a few days ago. I like it, so as a french guy I plan to help with the french translation (fr-FR). I'm a newbie in PHP (I'm the java-for-work and python-for-fun type) but the post by Ryan reassure me about the simplicity of the translation work.
  11. Hello, I'm new here. I discovered ProcessWire a few days ago, thanks to this tweet : Then I watched the video overview on the ProcessWire site. It's an excellent video, made me curious about PW and installed it. And then I felt in love I'm rebuilding a tiny site with PW and so far, so good.
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