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'Maximum nesting level reached' at each edit in backend


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Since a few days I get a 'Maximum nesting level reached (100)' at each page I click to edit in de backend. After a refresh F5 it loads.

It talks about line 114 of Data.php and sometimes 291. I looked up 114 and that part is in the getter.

It happens not always, but often, and on all kinda templates... Funny thing is that after I F5ed the page, I can edit it directly again after it. A bit strange I think. 

Any clues where I can start searching for the problem? I cannot imagine it is a bug in PW because then others had major problems so it must have to do with a module I installed or whatsoever. I didn't build one myself and they're all from the repository, no manual additions.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

So...this is one of these rare occasions (I never met them in my 10+ years experience) that a nestinglevel > 100 is really needed? Wow...

I'll put the level up in the ini file..

Have I missed this somewhere in the docs/prerequisites? Otherwise should be noted somewhere. A search at google and/or forum didn't gave me any clues.

By the way: it doesn't explain to me why the refresh make it 'work' :) So what happens behind the scenes that the second load of that page doesn't need a nesting level > 100?

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It doesn't work. I see you wrote input nesting level. And this isn't about input nesting level I guess but about recursion. So... Input nesting won't work/apply here I think.

Any other clues?

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You was just a little bit faster than me, but I had to restart apache to see if this was the case.. ;)

And yes I use xdebug. I found this entry earlier on, searched my php.ini for 'xdebug' (no results) but forgot to look into conf.d/ directory..... stupid!

So there it was and now solved indeed.

So just for others who search the forum it might come in handy :)

Thanks y'all :)

Solution is to add xdebug.max_nesting_level=200 to your php.ini or xdebug.ini (after the xdebug.so is called of course)

Or disable xdebug at all.

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