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getting tags in use

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Hi all, i think i need some help with this:

I have a field called Tags, which is a pageAutocomplete field, and allows the user to enter tags for a page;

Then on the template i have an isotope display which has a filter, using the tags;

Right now i'm just cycling through the tags (selector for template=tag) to create the list of filter links;

but is there a way to check that a given tag is actually in use, by a page, since right now if someone enters a tag and then deletes it, that tag is still a tag page, but if you click on that filter, no items are displayed...


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Maybe something like this could work:

$tags = $pages->find('template=tag');
foreach ($tags as $tag) {
  $c = $pages->count("tags={$tag}");
  if ($c == 0) //... this tag was not assigned to pages, so don't output it with your filter
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Hi Wanze - many thanks - great and simple solution, nice thinking!

here is how i finally implemented:

$tags = $pages->find("template=tag");                   
     foreach($tags as $tag) {                    
     $c = $pages->count("template=audio, tags={$tag}");
     if ($c == 0) continue;
//filter <li> markup here 
<?php } ?>
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